Double cheeseburgers are delightful

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “double”. I was originally going to make a penguin double (of course I was), but while I was digging through my penguin archive to find the perfect participant, the cheeseburger jumped out and threw some lettuce at me. I couldn’t ignore him, I guess he was feeling a bit thin and wanted to share the beefy love a little more.

Happy double cheese burger by Jen Goode
Happy double cheese burger by Jen Goode

I know, I should have added bacon because a cheeseburger without bacon is like a salad without croutons… pizza without pepperoni… a kiss without the pucker (is that possible?). However, I have a few non-meat eating pals and like to try to flaunt my carnivorous attitude away from their direction. Thus I decided I’d hold off on the extra extra meat today.

If this is a little too much burger for you, you can always stick with the original happy cheeseburger.

Getting ahead is usually more fuel for getting behind

Running around like a headless chickenThis week’s topic for Illustration Friday was “ahead”.  A number of images come to mind.. a chicken without a head, the behind of a any large smelly animal or a picture of a crocidile that my grandmother used to have on her bulletin board. Right above the crocidile there was a little note that said “the more I try to catch up, the more behind I get”.

That’s how I feel. It’s nearly Friday and I’m pretty sure I haven’t checked anything off the list because I can’t remember where I last saw the list. It must be somewhere between the hot glue gun and the mixing bowls but I have no idea which day I lost it. Maybe it’s partying with the missing socks, I don’t know.

What I’ve been up to:

  • Re-discovering my craft happiness with Eileen Hull’s blog hop – I even started organizing my craft space. It’s now the biggest room in the house (of course it is, it’s 1/4 of the unfinished basement).
  • Creating projects with my daughter for, a new site I started last month as a way to share ideas of fun activities and crafts to do with the younger kids.
  • Trying to put together a portfolio for an upcoming art licensing show, SURTEX which I am attending next month in NYC. I’m hoping to find my way into the arms of loving manufacturers – or at least see the penguin in major retail outlets.
  • I’m making buttons to give to give away for World Penguin Day
  • And more buttons for a local event next month
  • Drawing more designs, creating some coloring pages and digital stamps and brainstorming new penguins
  • getting ready for my participation in an online e-course – I’ll be sharing tips about how to make money through print on-demand

and a whole slew of other things… but I’m happy to report that I’m finally getting back into focusing my efforts towards art rather than just internet marketing or programming. I’m sure I’ll jump back and forth as I always do, but the penguin needs me and I need him… so here I am enjoying the scents of the glue.

Penguins to the rescue!

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Rescue” and my first thought was my good ol’ trusted friend, the Super hero penguin. Super heros are supposed to protect and rescue us when we’re in need, right?

Penguins to the rescue!

But what about every day heros? There are tons of penguins all around just waiting to rescue us in a variety of situations…

The fire rescue penguin, police officer penguin, US military penguin and even the pretty obvious, rescue penguin. There are plenty of other careers that involving rescuing every day…

There is also the not so obvious space commander penguin rescuing us from peril in the outter realms of the universe (or just weird space alient penguins) or the not so obvious (and not shown here) psychologist penguin or the bandaid penguin, rescuing us from ourselves and our own alter egos.

I’m sure I could go on for a while as there are unlimited number of situations I’m sure one of us could use a little rescuing.

What can you imagine up as your rescue penguin?

IF: expired – my unhappy banana

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “expired”. I was thinking an old wrinkly carrot would be fun, but the more wrinkles I added the more I really wanted to stay away from vegetables for a while. So instead, I came up with the good and bad bananas. On the bright side, the seemingly “bad banana” makes the absolute yummiest banana bread ever!

Food is always an analogy for me, so why not in my quick thought doodles… what do you think of with the word “expired”?

Good and bad banana - illustration friday's expired

Speaking of doodles, I saw a book at Barnes and Nobel tonight – a doodle book. It was a notebook filled with partially finished drawings and sketches, etc. One page I passed was a quick zipper sketch that was half way unzipped with the comment “what’s stuck in the zipper?”. What a cool brainstorming tool! If only we had these fun and quick little thought jogging resources for everything we do.

Just a little muddy

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had some time to participate in Illustration Friday, but since I’m trying this new concept of slowing down and focusing, I thought I’d stop for a bit today and just draw. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn just for the sake of happy doodleness, so of course today’s image had to have a smiley face.

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Muddy – remember those days of jumping in the mud puddles with your favorite rain boots on? Ever stop to wonder if they cared for the mud you loved?

Muddy boots make me happy by JGoode

Welcome to Happiness

I haven’t been able to participate in the Illustration Friday weekly challenge in a while. Every topic seems to be drawing a complete blank in my mind (pun intended). But this week, I am happy to report, I have been inspired once again – yay for grinning ideas! This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Welcome and as soon as I read it, a picture came to mind. A big smiley with the word Welcome in the grin.

Welcome happy face sketch by JGoode

But as I started doodling out the idea I kept envisioning a hug, I guess I’m feeling a little extra lovey today or gooey and mooshy… couple be the tofu I had for dinner last night. Anyway, I had to stop and ask… what is welcome hugging?

And then it occurred to me…


YES!, why not sound a little extra corny and just say it out loud… let’s welcome happiness today. So here is my interpretation of Welcome for the day: Welcome to Happiness.

Welcome to Happiness by JGoode

This also fits in nicely with the this week’s Tuesday Topic as well… “Enjoy the Day”. I’ve been trying to come up with commentary on the topic all week but instead I guess I’ve been getting side tracked enjoying my days. We can call it a case study if I need to sound like I’ve been productive.

I’ve been trying harder to stop and enjoy aspects of my day rather than worry about getting things done. Yes I still work on my to-do list, I’m just trying harder to smile throughout the process. I’m trying to enjoy the work and so results are even more rewarding – it really is a blessing that I’m able to do so much with my time while spending it with people I care about.

Sometimes it seems redundant how often I bring up this facet of life. I regularly bring up appreciating family and friends and all the happiness that comes along with living a happy healthy life. Yet, I really do need to remind myself constantly to step back, breath and remember what is really important. So many times I find myself rushing around trying to finish something, remember something, go somewhere, say something or start something else. This isn’t going to change, I am a “gotta do it” kind of person. But what I can change is the appreciation for the process and the people involved. I have to remind myself to see this and do something about it – regularly.

So for today, I’m going to continue working on enjoying the day and welcoming happiness… Happy Friday!

Brownies anyone?

The making of a talisman

This week’s Illustration Friday theme is Talisman – foruntately for me, I’ve been spending the last week away from the computer making just that… from small clay pendants. My whole theory, motivate, moto for creation is “inspiring smiles every day”. Of course when I started created little wearable pendants this past week, the message to send along with each piece was a reason to smile.

smile inspiring talismans by JGoode

These pendants feature my own illustrations transferred to baked polymer clay. Each measures approximately 3/4″ square and hangs by a necklace made of coordinating ribbon.

My favorite of the batch so far is the Leonardo Penguin. I love how the clay version turned out – to me it looks worn and weather as a whole piece, not just the image – adding to the represenation of wisdom and magnificence that is Leonardo Da Vinci (he is my favorite artist for sure!). This single piece is my own personal talisman – it’s an inspiration and a reminder that creation is always inside us, every day.

penguin talisman by JGoode

Currently, these pendants are not available online. I am selling them through a local artisan shop – however, I plan on having more available soon through the JGoode Designs etsy shop. You can find the Leonardo Vitruvian  Penguin illustration available on a variety of other apparel and gift items through my main shop.

Legendary Flighted Penguin

I created this design months ago for the Illustration Friday “Legendary”. Now “Flying” has come up as a topic and the giggle on the subject of flying penguins has re-entered my mind. So I’m sharing again… what if there were a whole fleet?

The penguin is a pilot at heart
The penguin is a daredevil at heart

My thoughts on penguins and flying
I’m pretty sure the flying was traded in for hockey and belly boarding. There’s so much competition with all those other birds up there riding the wind, I think the penguins simply got smart and decided “might as well do something unique”. Not to mention they really look great in hats… and you can’t wear very many hats and fly, unless, of course, you don’t mind losing your hat.

About this design
This design was created entirely in Photoshop using a Wacom Graphire Bluetooth Tablet and gazillion layers of color. I started out with a bare lines of the penguin, added lines for his outfit, added blocks of color and then continued on to add numerous layers with varying colors and textures. I then flattened the entire penguin image and added the border, text and distressed effect.