Welcome to Happiness

I haven’t been able to participate in the Illustration Friday weekly challenge in a while. Every topic seems to be drawing a complete blank in my mind (pun intended). But this week, I am happy to report, I have been inspired once again – yay for grinning ideas! This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Welcome and as soon as I read it, a picture came to mind. A big smiley with the word Welcome in the grin.

Welcome happy face sketch by JGoode

But as I started doodling out the idea I kept envisioning a hug, I guess I’m feeling a little extra lovey today or gooey and mooshy… couple be the tofu I had for dinner last night. Anyway, I had to stop and ask… what is welcome hugging?

And then it occurred to me…


YES!, why not sound a little extra corny and just say it out loud… let’s welcome happiness today. So here is my interpretation of Welcome for the day: Welcome to Happiness.

Welcome to Happiness by JGoode

This also fits in nicely with the this week’s Tuesday Topic as well… “Enjoy the Day”. I’ve been trying to come up with commentary on the topic all week but instead I guess I’ve been getting side tracked enjoying my days. We can call it a case study if I need to sound like I’ve been productive.

I’ve been trying harder to stop and enjoy aspects of my day rather than worry about getting things done. Yes I still work on my to-do list, I’m just trying harder to smile throughout the process. I’m trying to enjoy the work and so results are even more rewarding – it really is a blessing that I’m able to do so much with my time while spending it with people I care about.

Sometimes it seems redundant how often I bring up this facet of life. I regularly bring up appreciating family and friends and all the happiness that comes along with living a happy healthy life. Yet, I really do need to remind myself constantly to step back, breath and remember what is really important. So many times I find myself rushing around trying to finish something, remember something, go somewhere, say something or start something else. This isn’t going to change, I am a “gotta do it” kind of person. But what I can change is the appreciation for the process and the people involved. I have to remind myself to see this and do something about it – regularly.

So for today, I’m going to continue working on enjoying the day and welcoming happiness… Happy Friday!

Brownies anyone?

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