Getting ahead is usually more fuel for getting behind

Running around like a headless chickenThis week’s topic for Illustration Friday was “ahead”.  A number of images come to mind.. a chicken without a head, the behind of a any large smelly animal or a picture of a crocidile that my grandmother used to have on her bulletin board. Right above the crocidile there was a little note that said “the more I try to catch up, the more behind I get”.

That’s how I feel. It’s nearly Friday and I’m pretty sure I haven’t checked anything off the list because I can’t remember where I last saw the list. It must be somewhere between the hot glue gun and the mixing bowls but I have no idea which day I lost it. Maybe it’s partying with the missing socks, I don’t know.

What I’ve been up to:

  • Re-discovering my craft happiness with Eileen Hull’s blog hop – I even started organizing my craft space. It’s now the biggest room in the house (of course it is, it’s 1/4 of the unfinished basement).
  • Creating projects with my daughter for, a new site I started last month as a way to share ideas of fun activities and crafts to do with the younger kids.
  • Trying to put together a portfolio for an upcoming art licensing show, SURTEX which I am attending next month in NYC. I’m hoping to find my way into the arms of loving manufacturers – or at least see the penguin in major retail outlets.
  • I’m making buttons to give to give away for World Penguin Day
  • And more buttons for a local event next month
  • Drawing more designs, creating some coloring pages and digital stamps and brainstorming new penguins
  • getting ready for my participation in an online e-course – I’ll be sharing tips about how to make money through print on-demand

and a whole slew of other things… but I’m happy to report that I’m finally getting back into focusing my efforts towards art rather than just internet marketing or programming. I’m sure I’ll jump back and forth as I always do, but the penguin needs me and I need him… so here I am enjoying the scents of the glue.