The making of a talisman

This week’s Illustration Friday theme is Talisman – foruntately for me, I’ve been spending the last week away from the computer making just that… from small clay pendants. My whole theory, motivate, moto for creation is “inspiring smiles every day”. Of course when I started created little wearable pendants this past week, the message to send along with each piece was a reason to smile.

smile inspiring talismans by JGoode

These pendants feature my own illustrations transferred to baked polymer clay. Each measures approximately 3/4″ square and hangs by a necklace made of coordinating ribbon.

My favorite of the batch so far is the Leonardo Penguin. I love how the clay version turned out – to me it looks worn and weather as a whole piece, not just the image – adding to the represenation of wisdom and magnificence that is Leonardo Da Vinci (he is my favorite artist for sure!). This single piece is my own personal talisman – it’s an inspiration and a reminder that creation is always inside us, every day.

penguin talisman by JGoode

Currently, these pendants are not available online. I am selling them through a local artisan shop – however, I plan on having more available soon through the JGoode Designs etsy shop. You can find the Leonardo Vitruvian  Penguin illustration available on a variety of other apparel and gift items through my main shop.