Penguins to the rescue!

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Rescue” and my first thought was my good ol’ trusted friend, the Super hero penguin. Super heros are supposed to protect and rescue us when we’re in need, right?

Penguins to the rescue!

But what about every day heros? There are tons of penguins all around just waiting to rescue us in a variety of situations…

The fire rescue penguin, police officer penguin, US military penguin and even the pretty obvious, rescue penguin. There are plenty of other careers that involving rescuing every day…

There is also the not so obvious space commander penguin rescuing us from peril in the outter realms of the universe (or just weird space alient penguins) or the not so obvious (and not shown here) psychologist penguin or the bandaid penguin, rescuing us from ourselves and our own alter egos.

I’m sure I could go on for a while as there are unlimited number of situations I’m sure one of us could use a little rescuing.

What can you imagine up as your rescue penguin?

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