I forgot I loved to paint

Last fall I became a member of the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) as part of my investigating a new direction to take my art. I then attended the CHA Winter show and met fantastic people, learned countless new things about the art licensing industry and was inspired to get back into my creative self… and start creating.

Part of my involvement with this organization is a Yahoo group that shares ideas. About a month ago, another member of the group, Linda Chilcott, suggested we do a group painting project. The idea is to have multiple artists contribute to a single canvas. Without any other idea of what would be involved I signed up to participate. We’re each starting with our own canvas and then passing it on… each contributing to each others projects as we receive them.

So this week I painted mine – it was the first time in eons I’ve painted a picture. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it.

Group project painting part 1 by JGoode

This is crafting acrylic paint on a 9″ x 12″ canvas board.

I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation of this canvas and also joining in with what other’s have started.

If you’re interested in learning how to paint for yourself, I highly recommend the Learn and Master painting home course series by Legacy Learning