IF: expired – my unhappy banana

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “expired”. I was thinking an old wrinkly carrot would be fun, but the more wrinkles I added the more I really wanted to stay away from vegetables for a while. So instead, I came up with the good and bad bananas. On the bright side, the seemingly “bad banana” makes the absolute yummiest banana bread ever!

Food is always an analogy for me, so why not in my quick thought doodles… what do you think of with the word “expired”?

Good and bad banana - illustration friday's expired

Speaking of doodles, I saw a book at Barnes and Nobel tonight – a doodle book. It was a notebook filled with partially finished drawings and sketches, etc. One page I passed was a quick zipper sketch that was half way unzipped with the comment “what’s stuck in the zipper?”. What a cool brainstorming tool! If only we had these fun and quick little thought jogging resources for everything we do.

4 thoughts on “IF: expired – my unhappy banana”

  1. There’s a lady that goes into our local co-op and buys up all the old bananas to make banana bread – I saw this and thought her!

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