A little glue fixes anything

A few week’s ago my 3 year old accidentally popped off the head of her new princess doll. She was trying to take the poor girl’s hair off. Of course the shiney yellow hair helmet was glued on, so her head came completely off in the struggle. The don’t make dolls like they used to, especially these tiny Polly Pocket sized divas. So the headless dollie sat on my desk for over a week waiting for me to decide it’s fate.

polly pocket lost her head and I fixed it

Lucky for the doll I collect all sorts of tools and supplies. With a little help from my jewelry pliers and some The Ultimate glue, I was able to reunite her noggin with her out of proportion body. She was dressed with a new chic green scarf during the healing process to make sure her head stayed attached while the glue dried.

yet another reason crafting is happiness!

Just a little muddy

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had some time to participate in Illustration Friday, but since I’m trying this new concept of slowing down and focusing, I thought I’d stop for a bit today and just draw. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn just for the sake of happy doodleness, so of course today’s image had to have a smiley face.

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Muddy – remember those days of jumping in the mud puddles with your favorite rain boots on? Ever stop to wonder if they cared for the mud you loved?

Muddy boots make me happy by JGoode

Starting the year with a little geek – free books!

We’re starting off with a little geek this year… or egghead as the doodle below implies.

Over the last few days we (my husband and despite their resistance, children) have been cleaning out nooks and crannies of the house. I am a wanna-be serial packrat so every cranny and nook and nook’s cranny has some kind of “stuff” stashed because I’m sure I can recycle it into something fabulous.

Well with 2010, I’m changing my perspective. If I really have no intention of using for anything ever again and it really reallllly won’t make some fantastic new art piece someone else might want to purchase for their own coffee table, then I am getting rid of it. This is an extremely difficult task for me as I’m also a craft-o-holic (in my free time) so really just about anything can be turned into something else. The key in the new and improved thought process is “that someone else would buy”. It doesn’t mean everything I create is only for the purpose of selling. It does, however, mean that is no one else on the planet would dare want the thing I just made, then it’s probably not that swell and I shouldn’t dream of spending time making it.

Don’t critique the logic… it’s working for me today and my husband will be sorely disappointed if you convince me into keeping the following books because they’ll make great gift wrap!

So today’s give away is… ta dah: old code books.

Yes, that’s right, I’m giving away free code books.
I love to code, it’s actually rather relaxing for me to be able to shut off the giggles of coloring and think logic and rational variables. Over the years I have purchased these books to help me along the way. I now tend to use some favorite resource sites more and the books are only collecting dust and using bookshelf space that could be more handy for things like my Leonardo Da Vinci coffee table books when they need to be out of reach of the neighborhood preschoolers.

FREE code books from JGoode's bookshelf

Some of these books are still valid, some are good for theory but are outdated, and a few are just plain old but maybe you want to make gift wrap. If you would like one or all of these books, or know someone else who would enjoy them, give me a holler. First come first served is how this will work. Plus, you must be willing to pay for shipping as I am only giving away the books, not my postage stamps.

I would greatly appreciate your taking in this matter as it’s easier for me to get rid of things knowing it’s not going in the trash but rather going to good use.

Specifics: These are books only, no CDs. Most all the books are in like new condition with a few exceptions. These are also books I highly recommend, so if you really just want a code reading list, here’s one to start with.

By the way, because there is an image I made I’m counting this as my image for the day… pretend it’s interesting.

A Penguin a day until Christmas – do some good

The holiday season brings out the charitable spirit in everyone. Yet many give to others all year round.

The penguins are activists in many areas, supporting good causes and positive efforts all over the place. From reading, recycling or American pride, the penguins are here to lend a helping hand and a little extra support.

Since the penguins were born, they’ve also been very involved in Breast Cancer Awareness efforts. In 2008 the Pink Ribbon Penguin website was built as a hub to support the ongoing efforts worldwide.

No matter your cause interests, the penguins are here to help you do good!

I’m always striving to try to be a better person. Some days are definitely more difficult than others. Here are 5 things I stand for to help me remember to do good every day.

What do YOU stand for?

A penguin a day until Christmas – working hard or hard at work penguins

Working working working, there’s happiness in this chore.
Working working working – and then I’ll work some more.

Some of my favorite jobs.. penguin style:

More work related penguins here!

My thoughts on work…
we spend so much time doing it, we should probably love it.
It’s not just about paying the bills, it’s about providing for those we love.
So, loving what we do creates that much more happiness out of the whole thing.

Do you love what YOU do?

A penguin a day until Christmas – the elves are working hard!

Due to all the last minute overnight free shipping 50% off deals around the universe, the elves are putting in double time to make your gifts – I sure hope you’ve been good!

(otherwise that’s a lot of overtime our taxes are paying for just for a few lousy lumps-o-coal)
These elves are sold separately – accessories not sold at all. Sorry, lots of budget cuts around these parts.
Holiday elf penguin and Christmas elf penguin – get your jolly going!