In Rivers

Leonardo da Vinci - Rivers

“In rivers, the water you touch is the last of what has passed and the first that which comes; so with time present.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci.

I happened upon this beautiful water feature while visiting Vancouver, BC last summer. Leonardo da Vinci is one of my all time favorite artists, so it was a perfect place for me to stop and soak it all in for a moment.

An image every day

I was recently checking out the writing of Drew Bennett from and was fascinated by his photo-a-day story. For the past 4+ years he’s been posting one photo every day, essentially creating a photo journal. Each image by itself is a simple moment, but together they tell an amazing story about a man that cares to share with the world little inside views of his life. I was completely inspired, “I wanna do that!”, then I quickly reminded myself I already have 15 projects that I’ve only half finished. So then I thought, a better plan would be to post an image a day, photo, doodle or otherwise. I’m always looking at the world through my own lens and I’d love to share what I see. I create whatever is in my mind so why not tell others about it.

So in honor of the kickoff of this new direction, the beginning of a new vision I want to share… my artist penguin is the focus. This wasn’t the first penguin I created, nor the most recent. He wasn’t designed to be a icon for my company nor a leader in the pack of designs I’ve created… but that’s what he has become. And, I think he is the one that fits me best. Penguins are a loyal community oriented creature. To me, they are a symbol of a piece in all of us, and this one version is my own personal connection to what I hope to share with everyone else.

Artist penguin by JGoode
Artist Penguin by JGoode

Now the goal is to share an image every day – I dare you to do it too!

Check out Drew’s most recent photos:

Thanks for the inspiration Drew!