A little glue fixes anything

A few week’s ago my 3 year old accidentally popped off the head of her new princess doll. She was trying to take the poor girl’s hair off. Of course the shiney yellow hair helmet was glued on, so her head came completely off in the struggle. The don’t make dolls like they used to, especially these tiny Polly Pocket sized divas. So the headless dollie sat on my desk for over a week waiting for me to decide it’s fate.

polly pocket lost her head and I fixed it

Lucky for the doll I collect all sorts of tools and supplies. With a little help from my jewelry pliers and some The Ultimate glue, I was able to reunite her noggin with her out of proportion body. She was dressed with a new chic green scarf during the healing process to make sure her head stayed attached while the glue dried.

yet another reason crafting is happiness!