A penguin a day until Christmas – celebrating wedding happines

Today is my wedding anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than to show off the happiest couple around – Bride and Groom penguin!

My husband and I are working our way towards this happy waddling-ness, we’re a carb lovin’ couple and that will hopefully never change. But no way we’ll ever be as cute as these happy birds. I’m very honored to be able to say that these wedding penguins have been a part of that Big Day for a number of happy penguin loving couples. I hope they’re a part of many more!

As for me and my better half… I’m so glad he’s stuck around and put up with me this long. I’m a pretty lucky girl. @davidpgoode -> Noodles!

A penguin a day until Christmas – the cave drawings

I remember, when I was young, we used to sit around and draw on the walls (or so they’ve said). Living in the middle of a blueberry patch, the only color of paint I had was blue…
Here’s a reproduction of that very first ever penguin I painted in a cave long long ago:

Yeah, ok, that was dumb. But really, why are all the cave paintings usually of bison and Egyptian Gods? I’d like to think someone out there loved penguins too – don’t you?

Oh yes, you can! There are definitely t-shirts and posters and stickers and such of this fabulously fun cave painting penguin.

A Penguin a day until Christmas – oh Mister Postman

WAIT! I know some of you run and hide when music starts on a webpage.. but really, for the penguin, can you stay a minute? Let your hair down and sing along…

Mr. Postman
Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman wait
Wait mister postman, mister postman look and see
You got a letter in your bag for me
I been waiting such a long time
Since I heard from that girl of mine
There must be some word today
From my girlfriend so far away
Please mister postman look and see
If there’s a letter, a letter for me
I been standing here waiting mister postman so patiently
For just a card or just a letter
Saying she’s returning home to me
So many days you passed me by
See the tear standing in my eye
You didn’t stop to make me feel better
By leaving me a card or a letter
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta check it and see, one more time for me
Wait wait wait deliver the letter
The sooner the better, wait.

So for anyone waiting for the postman to arrive in time for Christmas…
I hope this song gets stuck in your head and makes you forget the grumblings you had towards the USPS.

Find your favorite postman penguin products here.

<bgsound src="https://jgoode.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/postman.mid">

A penguin a day until Christmas – mysteries of the ninja

A penguin pal of mine shared their ninja penguins today which reminded me how much I love the idea of penguins decked out and ready for ninja tactics.

ohhh he looks so mysterious, don’tcha think? If James bond were a penguin, this would be his nemesis I’m sure!

as always, this fabulous ninja penguin is available on a variety of penguin gifts and apparel

Take a moment to check out my friend’s ninja penguins at Tee Freak.. they’ll crack you up!

A penguin a day until Christmas – yesterday, today and tomorrow

Oh me oh my!

There was no penguin yesterday,

why, oh why?


Sometimes we get busy and sometimes we forget

it doesn’t really matter… at least, not yet.

We do what we can, we try our best.

Just keep pluggin’ along with all the rest.

So here’s a lot of penguins, to help get your fill

take all you want… we’ll send you the bill.

A Lot of PenguinsThere’s a lot of products available that feature the “A Lot of Penguins” design too, yay you!

So don’t fear nor fret, there’s always more penguins
that you can get.

Tomorrow there might be one missing, or there might be 5 to spare
but don’t you worry,
there’s always penguins ’round here.

A penguin a day until Christmas – Penguins everywhere!

Have you ever wished you had some unconditional support? A pal, a chum, an adoring fan that loved you not matter how goofy or smelly you get?

Well the penguin probably comes close. He’ll shout his praises for the land that you love (assuming it is one of the 50 United states or one of 18 countries currently available) where ever you go.

I’m a Colorado native and huge fan of the great outdoors of the Rocky mountains, so naturally the Colorado Penguin is the fan for me. But if you prefer Florida, Washington or maybe China… there’s a penguin wait just for you. (even Pittsburgh penguin people will find a penguin all their own)

I sense a grand love just waiting to happen!