A penguin a day until Christmas – yesterday, today and tomorrow

Oh me oh my!

There was no penguin yesterday,

why, oh why?


Sometimes we get busy and sometimes we forget

it doesn’t really matter… at least, not yet.

We do what we can, we try our best.

Just keep pluggin’ along with all the rest.

So here’s a lot of penguins, to help get your fill

take all you want… we’ll send you the bill.

A Lot of PenguinsThere’s a lot of products available that feature the “A Lot of Penguins” design too, yay you!

So don’t fear nor fret, there’s always more penguins
that you can get.

Tomorrow there might be one missing, or there might be 5 to spare
but don’t you worry,
there’s always penguins ’round here.