A penguin a day until Christmas – celebrating wedding happines

Today is my wedding anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than to show off the happiest couple around – Bride and Groom penguin!

My husband and I are working our way towards this happy waddling-ness, we’re a carb lovin’ couple and that will hopefully never change. But no way we’ll ever be as cute as these happy birds. I’m very honored to be able to say that these wedding penguins have been a part of that Big Day for a number of happy penguin loving couples. I hope they’re a part of many more!

As for me and my better half… I’m so glad he’s stuck around and put up with me this long. I’m a pretty lucky girl. @davidpgoode -> Noodles!

1 thought on “A penguin a day until Christmas – celebrating wedding happines”

  1. Happy anniversary… I'm very certain that YOU are the better half! Thanks for the smiles you bring to me… Noodles!

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