Virtual creations

Every now and then I find myself wishing I would travel outside of my bubble of a world, but until I become a millionaire with disposable travel funds and my own jet plane, I’m a little stuck. So sometimes I like to escape to a virtual world to create new things and explore 3D ideas I can’t build in my real world. This is a “photo” of a portion of the virtual sanctuary I’ve created in Second Life. I don’t have time to escape to my pretend world very often, but if you’re also a player, feel free to stop by and visit Serena’s Serendipity (we don’t have cookies, but there are penguins there ~wink).

pretty pond in Second Life by Serena Portello

1 thought on “Virtual creations”

  1. There is something very calming about Second Life. At least for me is the fact that there are lots of beautiful locations that are serene – mainly because they are usually empty.

    I had no idea you were there as well! For a while I used to visit it often, and even considered launching a business which will build on that (back when it was a bit more popular). I eventually left when I stumbled into the testing room and was used as a slingshot, target practice, put in a cage, and other nasty things by players… not a place a player wants to wander to by mistake!

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