The bedtime penguin… Feeling sleepy?

Then the bedtime penguin is who you might best relate to right now. You might want to consider grabbing a blankie or your favorite snuggle toy and heading off to bed! That’s where I’m off to in a moment, but first let me share a couple of thoughts…

I’ve had a great day of networking and meeting some fantastic new people. I’m always intrigued by the amount of knowledge the universe has to share, and how if we just take a moment to connect with one other person, our own personal knowledge base grows that much more.

What one thing did you learn today?
I learned that if you work on getting your right brain and left brain to talk together more rather than separately, not only will you be more productive and clearer in thought. You’ll also be able to over come personal obstacles from the foundation of the problem, you’re own belief in the issue.