Clay wall hanging flower pots

Clay wall hanging flower pot by Jen Goode

Here’s a new product challenge from Eileen Hull. This project features her new Caddy die by Sizzix embellished with custom shapes from Epiphany Crafts. I love this caddy shape and the countless uses for this particular die. When I first saw it I immediately thought flower pots. The shape is not too big, so it’s perfect for a little wall hanging herb garden right by the kitchen window!

Clay wall hanging flower pot by Jen Goode
Clay wall hanging flower pot by Jen Goode

I hadn’t used the Sizzix dies with clay, but a couple friends have been telling me the work well together so I thought this was the perfect project to try it. The clay would allow me to plant real plants in the flower pots. The clay also offers opportunities for adding some great texture and hand carved designs to any piece you make. I used a pattern design by Eileen as well to add some neat accents and texture to each pot. I then painted the pots with 2 types of spray paint to give it a ceramic look and then hand painted with a dry brush to finish the color.

Details on clay wall hanging flower pot
Details on clay wall hanging flower pot

For this challenge I also received a fantastic package of goodies from Epiphany Crafts which included a cool tool to make your own little custom shapes to add personalized embellishments to any piece you’d like. I decided to use the Round 14 shape tool and a couple of small metal flower style pendants to make name labels for each pot.

I’m not going to give you a step by step tutorial today, but I’ll give you a little run down…

Materials you need:

  • Clay, pasta machine, Sizzix Big Kick machine, paint (spray and brush on), parchment paper, scrap cardboard, ribbon or fabric trim, hot glue/gun and scissors
  • Epiphany Round 14 shape tool and coordinating bubble caps along with metal pendants and DecoArt no-prep metal paint
  • Eileen Hull’s Caddy die by Sizzix along with Lace Set embossing folders
Some of the steps to make the clay wall hanging flower pot
Some of the steps to make the clay wall hanging flower pot

Quick instruction over view to make these flower pots:

  1. Cut out and emboss Caddy pieces using clay
  2. Build Caddy and bake according to clay instructions
  3. Seal edges with hot glue
  4. Attach clay flower embellishments
  5. Paint as desired
  6. Make custom shape with Epiphany tools and attach as desired
  7. Plant herbs
  8. Hang and enjoy
Clay wall hanging flower pot by Jen Goode using Eileen Hull's Caddy die by Sizzix
Clay wall hanging flower pot by Jen Goode using Eileen Hull's Caddy die by Sizzix


Before you go…

Home Sweet Home

I am jumping on board with another blog hop with Sizzix and some amazing designers. This week’s project uses the Sizzix ScoreBoards Pro 3-D house die by Eileen Hull. It’s an adorable little house that comes complete with a wide array of accessories and add-ons. I decided to make a candy box, and since the holidays are so close, a Christmas theme is surely in order.Plus, no one hands out peppermints for Halloween, so this was a good excuse to go buy some.

3-d sizzix house die by eileen hull

I have to say, my favorite part about this die are the tiny window frames. Ever since I was little and had a set of LEGOS with the little windows with shutters… I’ve been hooked on tiny windows.

I chose to modify the mat board pieces and parts and replace the main house body with a clear plastic so you can see the candy inside the box. The plastic tends to bow a bit when the box is filled so I also added trim to the front and back of the roof to create a lid, holding the plastic box in place.

3D house die from Eileen Hull and Sizzix, decor by Jen Goode

Interesting tid-bit: I couldn’t find card stock thick sheets of plastic so I ended up purchasing a clear plastic Halloween paint can and took it apart for this project.  My original idea was to use enamel and hand paint some decor around the bottom of the box, however the paint can had Halloween decor printed on it, so I had to use the noggin to come up with design that covered the pre-printed plastic.

Supplies I used for this project:

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