I didn't know I needed the break

Every now and then I get in a productivity slump and I can’t seem to shake it without becoming a complete slacker. I end up feeling like there are road blocks all around me. No matter how many brilliant ideas I have written down or flowing through my mind, I can’t seem to motivate myself enough to accomplish them. At these points, I just have to stop and walk away for a bit.

Last week was on of these times. I kept going to bed with the thought “tomorrow I’ll get things done”. I’d wake up with a list I wanted to start with and then within an hour I’d be side tracked – doing not much of anything. I did a lot of nothing it seemed like – yet I was busy all day, every day. By the end of the week, my whole plan was skewed, my to-do list was untouched, but my mind had gotten enough rest I was able to handle the unexpected challenges that landed square on my shoulders.

I don’t fight these downtimes anymore. I’ve learned that it’s usually my subconscious winning a battle I didn’t know I was fighting. Some other quiet side of myself has been taking notes and remembering that I need to stop pushing the clock as much as I do… constantly. It’s like having a co-worker right next to me nudging me to take a little break. We all need that helpful hand once in a while.

We’re more productive if we work in spurts. I tend to find myself in a rhythm and I want to run with it, keep going full force, so I do. Yet, I’ve found that if I try to continue this drive once one direction is completed… my next round of projects aren’t always as great or my enthusiasm isn’t always . If I stop and divert my attention to something less important or just take a break all together, I can jump in refreshed for a new project much more prepared to accomplish great things.

Taking a break

I don’t always remember to stop when my mind needs it, but, thankfully, my body seems to.

4 thoughts on “I didn't know I needed the break”

  1. Excellent post. Sometimes our bodies and minds know more that we do 🙂 And thankfully now I have a person that makes me take breaks too. My boys used to do that and with them not around to stop me from working 24/7 I am glad to have found someone that does. In a good way 🙂

  2. I truly believe that we are in some kind of partnership with whatever that higher Power is that we call God. We're all in a constant state of creation, unless we're resisting our part. We all know, somewhere deep inside, what our idea of heaven on earth would be and every minute we're alive we are either creating it, or resisting it.

    The Universe already knows what it is we want and need for our highest purpose. We just have to relax into it, take a break from our resistance, and let it unfold. Breathe. Breathe slowly when we're given the opportunity. Breathe quickly when it's time to push on.

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