Picking a Perspective

Everything that surrounds us has a great deal to do with what we actually see around us. If we surround ourselves with negative, the positive is that much more difficult to see. When our view is towards a specific direction, our actions tend to follow.

Something that might not bother me today could turn out to be a huge disaster of a situation next week because my perspective has changed. There are so many things that seem urgent at this very moment, yet yesterday the same things might not have been issues I bothered to think about.

Sometimes our views are so focused or narrow, our perspectives can prevent our seeing the real rewards. The view becomes cloudy with detail…


We become so involved in the tiny, often times irrelevant, details that we can completely miss seeing the yumminess of the big picture.

I Love Cheesecake

Other times our desires and expectations can skew our perspective, blocking our view of the real potential outcome.


Perspective can also be major factors in determining many of our priorities. Sometimes it’s a vague connection, while other times there’s a very apparent direct link. I can be sitting in the middle of my house after a rough day of kid tornado-ing and the visual chaos makes me feel like my life is in chaos. Another day there might not seem to be a lot of pressing projects or big to-dos to tackle, the piles of laundry and forests of toys at these times don’t cause a problem at all.

My perspective today: Nothing is as tragic or out of control as I think and I should probably – most definitely – work on being more patient and a heck of a lot nicer. Last night, however, the world felt like it was crashing down, I was alone in the middle of it and the best way to feel better was to yell and growl and stomp around. A good night’s sleep with a few weird dreams can change an entire view.

I think the best habit to get into is: pay attention to the view we have. Take tabs on ourselves to make sure our perspectives aren’t so skewed that we’re hurting those around us or missing opportunites we’d succeed with.

What is your perspective about perspective?

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  1. I love cherry cheesecake (fabulous illustation!!!!) and wish I had a nice piece right now for comfort food 🙂 since I cannot sleep … at least the mucinex is making me feel better so I am not as sick … lol … seriously .. I agree with your assessment 150 % … even 5 seconds sometimes can be all it takes to change an entire life because of a changed perspective.

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