HB1193 is bad for Colorado

Over the last week, Colorado has been discussing House Bill 1193. This bill is also known as the Advertising Tax throughout the permformance marketing community. In the states that have passed this bill (New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island) hundreds of business have been destroyed over night.

The Colorado House has one more vote on this bill tomorrow, so today I wrote and just sent the following letter in hopes my state representatives hear and realize the impact their votes will have on my family and hundreds of other small business owners in Colorado.

My name is Jennifer Goode and I am a 4th generation Coloradoan – very proud of my Colorado heritage. I am a mother of 3 (14, 7 and 2) and both my husband and I are small business owners. I’ve been successfully self employed for over 10 years. I pay my taxes, support local fund raising efforts and do all this due to online business opportunities.

I oppose HB1193 because it doesn’t help Colorado’s budget, it will directly impact my business and family along with hundreds if not thousands of others in Colorado – devastating our incomes. I urge you to vote NO!

I have a number of websites that advertise for various retailers. I do not collect money nor handle transactions. I do not deliver products. I advertise and redirect traffic to advertiser websites.

One such example is http://www.detailsofdesign.com – I share ideas about creating art and advertise for various art related companies, but I do not sell the art supplies and programs myself. This business model is important to me because it allows me to run a business and earn an income while working from home with my children.

If HB1193 passes, the out-of-state retailers I work with will terminate this business relationship as they did with New York, North Carolina and Rhode Island when similar bills passed. As result my income will be devastated. This will, in turn, hurt the Colorado budget as I can’t pay income tax on income I don’t earn.

I urge you to vote NO on this bill. If passed it will result in Colorado small businesses going out of business literally over night. The amendment included in this bill does not solve the problem… Advertisers will still terminate their relationships with Colorado affiliates. This bill will not earn new revenue for the state of Colorado, but if passed, it will lose revenue for a great number of Colorado businesses, organizations and families.

I can appreciate the need to gain new revenue for Colorado. I have young children in public school, and my grandmother is also a Colorado resident. My grandfather, Rollin Barnard, was an active member in a variety of areas throughout the state including Mayor of Greenwood Village. At one point I myself was a single mother benefiting from public assistance with a 2 year old son. I appreciate and am so grateful for the funding the state provides for our children, seniors, families and schools. HB1193 is not the answer to gaining new revenue – for these types of needs – not for any of our state’s programs. HB1193 will only create more need, putting more people out of work and more families in financial despair.

Please, I urge you, vote NO to HB1193.


Jennifer Goode
Colorado small business owner – Independent voter

More info about this bill, A pdf file from the state website: http://bit.ly/CObill

If you would like to support this effort, please sign up with the PMA.

I also urge you to write your representative today!

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  1. Awesome letter Jen! Hopefully it and others like it help to sway the one vote in Colorado to oppose this bill. I truly don't think there are many elected officials who truly understand what affiliate marketing is – as displayed by other states passing such ridiculous legislation. Great points on how they will actually potentially lose tax revenues instead of being gaining additional revenues!

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