Penguins, People and Art Licensing

I’ve been designing and creating art for over 14 years, the last 5 focusing on Print on Demand. Now, I’m heading into a new realm of selling art… art licensing. I’ve always wanted to be lucky enough to have art I created on products for the masses to buy, yet I’ve never been sure where to start. I’ve designed product packaging and labels for clients but that’s not really MY art… it’s art someone else wanted me to make for them. I’ve also sold hundreds of products featuring JGoode art through places like Cafepress or Zazzle – but this angle doesn’t allow you to walk into the mall and see a JGoode penguin to purchase.

So Now, after years of focusing on online marketing for my art, I’m taking the leap and heading toward the world of art licensing in hopes of building relationships and landing contracts with manufacturers so you CAN walk into a retail store and find the penguins just waiting to be taken home. How cool would that be?! I can think of 100 things I’d love to see with a penguin… or any JGoode grin for that matter. I’d start collecting my own art!

Tomorrow I will be heading to my first art licensing related show, CHA (aka Craft and Hobby Association’s Winter Trade Show). I’ll be checking out the sessions and learning me something fabulous. Of course the penguin will be with me, so if you’re near by, holler and we can take a picture!

Here’s a little video that I created in honor of this big step…

Special thanks to Tara Reed for the inspiration to create the video.

I am hoping to continue to learn and grow with this new direction. It’s an exciting industry! I want to take my design business to the next level. I hope you come along for the ride!

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