Living in a bubble

Over the last month it feels like I’ve been living in various little bubbles, hopping from one reality to the next as if controlled by some kind of cosmic TV remote. Things have been moving so fast that I until today I have yet had a moment to catch my breath, let alone stop to connect with all the people along the way.

January 16-20 I was in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit. Once again the show was fantastic! Along with all the fabulous parties, sessions full of tips, tricks, advice and information, I once again organized the AS Mentor program, I think it was a great success. The events started within hours of my landing in Las Vegas – there were more people, more activities and more opportunities to learn than ever before! I was moving non-stop until it was time to hop a plane back home.

More photos from ASW10

I came home just long enough to wash my clothes and find my artsy mindset to head back out of town, this time to Anaheim for the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Trade Show. This was my first experience (in my entire life) of hanging out with such an enormous group of creative people – I was in heaven! I went to this event to check out the scene for art licensing, a new direction I hope to take my art. The experience was amazing yet I had a serious learning curve as far as the tone of the show compared to my past experience with the crazy socializing atmosphere of the internet socialites at . You can read more about my experience on tara Reed’s Blog, A first timer’s experience at the CHA Winter Show.

More photos from CHA 2010

While I was away, the Colorado government began the process of trying to push through a bill that would kill the Performance Marketing industry in Colorado. AKA the Advertising Tax, HB 1193 threatened to hurt mine and thousands of other affiliate businesses with one big swoop. When I arrived home from CHA on the 27th, I jumped in head first to fight for my business and the continuation of the industry in the state. The battle isn’t quite, over, as the bill still has to pass a 3rd reading in the Senate along with a final vote by both the Senate and House, however, affiliates have been removed from HB 1193 entirely from the bill. Weeeee Ha! It’s amazing what can happen when you combine the power of the people with team effort.

All the traveling, networking, learning, socializing, planning, coordinating and everything else that goes along with event hopping I’ve been doing, ended with a not to fabulous flu day yesterday. My tired body stayed on the couch all day while I finally rested my mind.

It’s been a sureal experience jumping from one reality to the next – each with a whole new set of faces. I’m so thankful for notes and social networking so I can keep in touch with all those that I came across.

Most of all I’m thankful for my family – my husband especially who played single parent while I was away.

Now on to being productive – or at least sorting my thoughts for another adventure – what next?

4 thoughts on “Living in a bubble”

  1. Wow, you have been busy! Good for you for standing up against HB1193 and making a difference! I read your letter to CO State Representatives too. I wasn't even aware of the bill until this post. Looks like you and others have made a difference – so encouraging! You go girl!

  2. This will be a January you'll never forget, that's for sure. Congratulations to you and everyone who was able to help win the battle with the Colorado government. I'm thankful to call you my friend; you're an inspiration to everyone in our industry. Thanks 🙂

    But *that's* the picture of me you chose for your montage? With the pimp glasses and the pink bowling shirt? LOL

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