Glue for the birds

Here is a aThis birdhouse was created a few years ago to donate for an auction at a local gift shop. The procedes from the auction were then donated to the local Habitat for Humanity.

Bird House by Jen Goode

The entire piece is layers of various patterned papers and plain paper string that was adhere to a plain wood birdhouse by simply painting glue. Similar to decopague. I then drew in little details here and there with a fine point black pen.

I love the texture effect that results from layer paper like this. It ends up shiney and thick and becomes one with the form you’re covering. I miss this lil’ bird house, but so glad it could help a great cause!

I’m sharing this today as part of the Cool2Craft theme of the week… GLUE!

My favorite glue: hot glue. I’d hot glue everything if I could.

2 thoughts on “Glue for the birds”

  1. Hi, I really like the way you painted and created the design on the birdhouse…it looks very lovely and I wouldnt mind having it in my Sundeck.
    Makes some more of these designs…Joanne

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