Putting a little sparkle in her step

Unlike me, my daughter loves all things girlie. I know, I doodle cute girl stuff all the time, but I don’t necessarily have it all over my walls and pillowcases either. My daugher adores sparkles, jewels, pink and purple anything – if it’s for girls to be more girl-like, she loves it even more. So when she started complaining that her sparkly pink shoes hurt, I had to come up with something to replace the fancy shoes. I didn’t want to go out an get a new pair, especially with fall and Colorado snow on it’s way. So instead I grabbed a cheap pair of sneakers from Walmart,  a few sets of shimmery Tulip brand fabric paint and planned a girls art day.

We whipped out the brushes and between the two of us we created a unique pair of shoes that not only fit fabulous, but sparkle better than the last pair. We had a great day together being creative and I even felt a little girly fun in the process.

hand painted shoes by Jen Goode

Unfortunately these aren’t worn as much as I expected. One of the big brothers stole a shoelace to replace the tie on his swim trunks… boys, they just don’t understand!

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