iCarly, Penguins and happiness

In my house iCarly or Spongebob are on the TV quite frequently. They’re both shows that appeal to the kids and the adults or kid-like adults in the family.

I prefer iCarly and as reminded by a friend today, I’m a quite fond of Spencer. If dorky sense of humor cracks me up, he’s an artist AND he owns this fabulous penguin t-shirt…

icarly penguin t-shirt

Yes, I have been known to take pics of my TV. How else am I supposed to collect all those penguins?

Now, knowing a bit biased to my own penguin t-shirt designs, I have not tried to see if this one is really available anywhere just yet. However, if you are looking for the 3 cool penguins, I suggest you not follow TV trends, but instead grab this one…

3 penguins tshirt by JGoode
3 penguins t-shirt

Cool, right?

Do you have a Lucky Penguin?

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, there’s no time to waste in making sure you’ve gathered all your Irish loving swag. Shamrocks wilt, rainbows fade away and that pot of gold.. well, the current economy has delayed that delivery for a bit.

But a penguin – now THAT I can help with, take your pick of the lovely bunch:

St. Patrick's Day Penguins by JGoode

6 great penguins specific for St. Patrick’s Day available on a variety of t-shirts, mugs, hats, stickers and more. You can also grab yourself some Irish love with the I Love Ireland Penguin

St. Patrick's Day PenguinDo you have your lucky penguin yet??

Or, just in case you need the four leaf clover and the rainbow, I have a penguin for that too…

So hurry, grab yourself some penguin green before those irritating pinchers come strolling along.

Get Your Green On!

It’s World Penguin Day – get a free penguin – Hooray!

Yes, you heard right, it is World Penguin Day! Today is the day to appreciate the penguins of the world – share your love of these cute critters and spread the word how fabulous they are. Stand up and shout out with me –  HEY! it’s World Penguin Day!

Party like a Penguin - it's World Penguin Day!
Party like a Penguin - it's World Penguin Day!

You might be asking.. what the heck is World Penguin Day?

There isn’t a ton of information about the day other than its a good time to learn a little bit more and pass on the penguin happiness. However, Penguin Geek has a great post about the Adelie Penguins and their migration beginning on the 25th of every year.

There’s also a little bit of information at Holiday Insights about both World Penguin day and Penguin Awareness day (January 20th).

More fun free penguin stuff:

And  Free Penguin graphic to help spread the penguin love…

Feel free to share the World Penguin Day Penguin (not for commercial use)
Feel free to share the World Penguin Day Penguin (not for commercial use)

Grab the code for this World Penguin Day graphic.


Some of my favorite penguin sites: (do YOU have a fav?)

Nothing But Penguins

My Penguin Travels

Wiinterrr’s Day


All ABout Penguins



JGoode Designs Now Offers Flip Minos (yes, penguins too)

A cool new product I am proud to be able to offer.. the flip mino camcorder. My own test version of the flip mino has arrived and I Love it! I hope you will too. This particular version features multiple mini penguins as the custom art printed on these adorable flip mino camcorders. I have a variety of original designs available. Makes for a fabulous gift… all year!

You can customize a flip with your own design by visiting CafePress or you can buy a flip mino featuring a fabulous JGoode Designs image (of course, that is my first choice). If you prefer one of my designs that is not currently available on a flip, contact me and let me know!

Penguin and I are in Seattle

I have no idea where the time went, my 3 day breast cancer walk is tomorrow! With your help I’ve managed to raise $3135.00 – Besides requesting direction donations, I’ve sold mini buttons at a local shop, my little stuff pink ribbon penguin through etsy.com, pink ribbon themed gear through my website and helped sell buttons at a conference last month. As a team we’ve raised (as of today) $47,528.00.

That is incredibly amazing to me – thank you so much!

I left Denver this morning and arrive in Seattle just after lunch. The walk begins at o’dark thirty (check in starts at 5:30am) on Friday – please laugh quietly to yourself, I’m positive I’m going to be walking via out of body experience until lunch each day. If you’d like information about the walk area and route, updates on the event (there’s a live web cam, I hear), etc.

I do indeed have penguin here with me :D. That is, penguin AND my new pink ribbon penguin pal as well.

I will hopefully be able to blog a bit and keep everyone up-to-date on my own experiences with the event while I am there. I plan on trying to take as many photos as I can… So I can share the view with you when I return home on Monday.

I’m really looking forward to this experience. I thank you for your so very much for all of your support, encouragement and involvement!

Happy Monday!


Meet the Chef Penguin

Lately, in my house, we’ve been cooking a lot. Tons of celebrations and cakes and family and food. We love to cook together, especially banana bread. So I thought a great way to start “today’s featured design” would be to start out with our little friend the Chef penguin

Chef penguin

Chef penguin, a fun original penguin design by JGoode. T-shirts and gifts, for your favorite Chef. View Available Products

The Penguin and a Student Art Show

I am all about art and art education and art for the sake of just being creative for 37 seconds. So when I was asked if I could help out with an art show at the Ellen Browning Scripps school in San Diego, I jumped up at the opportunity. The school’s mascot is a penguin, so it was a perfect fit

I created 575 mini buttons and sent them to California this past week.

Each button had a picture of my penguin as the art penguin with the words “creativity is something wonderful” written above. Then, I put each button in a mini jewelry bag and included a card that said…

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas

“I Believe there is an artist in us all. How or what you choose to create is entirely up to you. I’ve created drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures – big, small and much more. My favorite creations are always those that remind me of a special moment. My life is my art and my art is my life. ” ~ Jennifer Goode • jgoode.com

I spent a few days putting all this penguin fun together, but when it was all done and said it was SO worth it. I was sent some of the most wonderful photos in return. Kids and their art and art by the kids and just art every where. I Love it! It’s so fantastic to me to see what results from a little creative inspiration. Amazing, really amazing.

The art show’s theme was “Thumbs Up for Art”.

The event committee also created a penguin (With my written permission of course) big enough to allow all the students to add their thumb print, creating a group masterpiece. The result was a terrific pointillism penguin.

Check out this wonderful art created by the students…

A special thanks to Tara for asking me to be involved in this fabulous event… thousands of miles away, yet I had a delightful time!

note: these event photos are courtesy of and used with permission by the original photographer.

Green penguins make me happy

It’s true, green penguins are quite a happy occurance, but I’m not talking about green like money.. I’m talking about Irish green. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, here we have Irish loving penguins you can share with your friends.

Green Beer PenguinIreland PenguinLeprechaun Penguin

More Irish penguins can be found here

You can also pass around a freebie happy St. Patrick’s Day penguin to all your friends via Myspace or email…

original designs by JGoode at myJGD.com

Get your copy of the St. Patty’s Penguin here
Happy Green Grinning!