iCarly, Penguins and happiness

In my house iCarly or Spongebob are on the TV quite frequently. They’re both shows that appeal to the kids and the adults or kid-like adults in the family.

I prefer iCarly and as reminded by a friend today, I’m a quite fond of Spencer. If dorky sense of humor cracks me up, he’s an artist AND he owns this fabulous penguin t-shirt…

icarly penguin t-shirt

Yes, I have been known to take pics of my TV. How else am I supposed to collect all those penguins?

Now, knowing a bit biased to my own penguin t-shirt designs, I have not tried to see if this one is really available anywhere just yet. However, if you are looking for the 3 cool penguins, I suggest you not follow TV trends, but instead grab this one…

3 penguins tshirt by JGoode
3 penguins t-shirt

Cool, right?

2 thoughts on “iCarly, Penguins and happiness”

  1. The pic of Spencer eating ketchup… is from the episode where the magic ketchup dictates his life. (Not that I ever watch the show – lolololol)

  2. that would be the magic meatball 😛 LOL – Every time I see that episode I cringe at the ketchup drinking. That’s just ewwww! I promise to keep your iCarly watching a secret ~wink

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