A little St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock pin of happiness

Shamrock pin with buttons and fabric

We’re not an Irish family, nor do we have any specific Irish traditions we follow. I don’t even own anything green let along know how to make Corned beef and cabbage… maybe I could pull of writing a limerick, but that’s expecting a lot. So finding something to wear to prevent my kids from pinching me is usually a little tough. Thank goodness no one has told my youngest how it all works, I’d be doomed all day.

This year, I thought I’d make a little pin to wear… that will protect me, right?

Shamrock pin with buttons and fabric

Using some fabric scraps and come fabulous Buttons Galore buttons, I made a cute little shamrock pin and I’ll show you how to make one too.



  • 3 green buttons – 1/2″ size
    Buttons should be roughly the same size but they don’t have to be exact matches
  • Green embroidery thread and needle
  • 3 pieces of different fabric. 1″ – 1.5″ square, each piece 1/4″ larger than the next.
    I used linen, denim and felt.
  • Pin back
  • 1/2″ x 1″ fabric to cover pin back
  • Fabric glue

Make a shamrock pin with buttons

How to make a fabric and button St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock pin:

  1. Using embroidery thread, stitch and tie each of the three buttons to the center of the first/smallest piece of fabric.
  2. Stitch a line to create a stem.
  3. Stitch border around fabric leaving enough thread to tie bow in upper right corner.
  4. Carefully fray edge of fabric.
  5. Adhere stitched fabric to second piece of fabric.
  6. Carefully fray edges of fabric, snip with scissors if necessary.
  7. Adhere to largest fabric piece.
  8. Glue pin back on back side of finished piece, cover with strip of fabric to ensure a secure attachment. If you prefer to stitch the pin back in place, do so before adhering the last fabric square.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
from Jen Goode and her Irish Penguins

St. Patrick's Day Penguins by Jen Goode

Lucky Penguin, I love Ireland Penguin and Leprechaun penguin

My Irish Tangerine

I’m supposed to blog about green,
good luck or March seventeen;
but it’s nice out today
and I wanna go play…
So here’s a lil’ Irish tangerine.


As for any other thoughts on luck and green and St. Patrick’s day..

have a grand one… all of them!

Do you have a Limerick you’d care to share for the day?