Helping Children in need: Idol Gives Back

I just finished watching the 2008 Idol Gives Back fund raising event on American Idol and again I’m in awe of how little is needed to help one child. However, there is a huge amount of money being spent… how can we help even more? There is so much we each have to offer and so much we can do with just a little of our own time and money. In this case, big names combine to help save lives and fulfill big needs.

Being the cautious and skeptical type, I did a little digging about the new charity organization “Idol Gives Back”. From what I understand, last year’s fund raiser monies were distributed by Charity Projects Entertainment Fund. This year the project is more directly overseen by the American Idol execs. I also learned that, according to an article at The New York Times, only about 7% of the total raised funds were used for administrative expenses such as phone lines to take in calls and legal expenses, etc. However, I read in other mini articles that the financial report for the 2007 fund raiser is not currently available.

I love that this program supports a variety of organizations both US charities and abroad. I also love that the focus is children.

This program is so inspiring to me on so many levels. Entertainers take time out of their schedule to not only visit the areas these charities help.. but also to entertain during the show and share their message. It’s a fun night with a real purpose and really it takes all of 5 minutes to make a contribution.. no matter the amount. It also only takes 5 minutes to stop and consider what the program is all about – the people involved, the potential life changes, the impact even a dollar can make.. or better yet, the impact of passing on the message. Take a minute to Help someone that needs help

My Favorite comment of the night was (paraphrased) “We though Bono had enough money to help everyone in africa… but he only has half, so we need your help”. – Rob Schneider (he plays a fun and funky Hawaiian man in one of my all time favorite movies – 50 First Dates)

I love this effort to help!