Mama and Baby need your help

My mother just sent me a sad email this morning and I’d like to share:

A childhood friend of my sister’s just recently had a beautiful baby boy, unfortunately now the family is struggling. Please read the story below…

Tessa Paprocki needs your help

On October 16th 2008, Tessa and Adam were blessed with the birth of their son Landon. Just a few days later Tessa heard the word that you never expected to hear from your doctor, “You have breast cancer”. After further testing it was confirmed that the cancer had spread to her liver, lymph nodes and bones.

At just one week old with his mom still in the hospital, Landon’s dad rushed him to Childrens hopital to have a surgery to untwist his intestines. The surgery was successful, however Landon will need continuous monitoring.

Tessa is a strong 29 year old who is beginning her battle against cancer, a battle she’s determined to win. Landon needs his mother and her family and friends need Tessa, and we will need your prayers, help and support.

Please join us on December 19th 2008 at 6:30 pm at Dakota Ridge HS for an Alumni basketball game, silent auction, food, prizes, and so much more. A $5.00 donation at the door gets you in.

PLEASE HELP support Tessa’s fight against cancer.
If you are unable to attend and would like to contribute, you may send checks to:

Tessa Paprocki’s Hope Fund
American National Bank
3033 E. 1st Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

For additional information please contact
Kate Bissonnette Green at 303-948-5409 or 303-960-3761

To mention just a few items up for bid: A weekend at Breckenridge and Vail, Portrait and Spa package, and much, much more.

I know there are a lot of people in the world in need of help. Every day, if we each did one small act of kindness, we could help someone that needs it. Today, I would be ever so grateful if you cold pass this message on!

Save the Frogs, cute little froggies

I was watching Animal Planet today and that cute explorer guy, Jeff Corwin, came on with a commercial/info message talking about frogs. I haven’t really been out and about enough this year to notice all the talk about the frogs, but this message caught my eye. Apparently frogs are quickly decreasing in population around the globe, so there is an active movement to help prevent possible extinction. Learn more about the Vanishing Frog while you’re interested in jumping on this information train…

So I was inspired. I made a frog…

Cute green frog - Save the Frogs

Show your support for the frogs

Save the Frogs Women’s Dark T-Shirt

Thank you to Women for Hope

A special thank you to our friends over at Women for Hope.

Pam, an indie entrepreneur and the owner of Women for Hope, has offer to help our fund raising efforts for our Breast Cancer walk in September.

Shop for jewelry, bath and body products and fragrant home items from Women for Hope – use the code AMWFundraiser during check out and our team will receive 10% of the proceeds.

Women for Hope focuses on providing information and comfort dealing with issues that affect specially women. Read other women’s accounts of their struggles and triumphs, find out where to get help and shop for women inspired products and gifts. They offer awareness jewelry, every day gifts and much more

You may remember, last fall i was a participant in the Indie for Awareness event. Women for Hope was the host of that fabulous movement. Thank you Pam!

Although there are no JGoode Penguins here, Women for Hope is a wonderful supporter of the penguin and our team fund raising efforts. For more information about the walking event and our team, visit

Helping Children in need: Idol Gives Back

I just finished watching the 2008 Idol Gives Back fund raising event on American Idol and again I’m in awe of how little is needed to help one child. However, there is a huge amount of money being spent… how can we help even more? There is so much we each have to offer and so much we can do with just a little of our own time and money. In this case, big names combine to help save lives and fulfill big needs.

Being the cautious and skeptical type, I did a little digging about the new charity organization “Idol Gives Back”. From what I understand, last year’s fund raiser monies were distributed by Charity Projects Entertainment Fund. This year the project is more directly overseen by the American Idol execs. I also learned that, according to an article at The New York Times, only about 7% of the total raised funds were used for administrative expenses such as phone lines to take in calls and legal expenses, etc. However, I read in other mini articles that the financial report for the 2007 fund raiser is not currently available.

I love that this program supports a variety of organizations both US charities and abroad. I also love that the focus is children.

This program is so inspiring to me on so many levels. Entertainers take time out of their schedule to not only visit the areas these charities help.. but also to entertain during the show and share their message. It’s a fun night with a real purpose and really it takes all of 5 minutes to make a contribution.. no matter the amount. It also only takes 5 minutes to stop and consider what the program is all about – the people involved, the potential life changes, the impact even a dollar can make.. or better yet, the impact of passing on the message. Take a minute to Help someone that needs help

My Favorite comment of the night was (paraphrased) “We though Bono had enough money to help everyone in africa… but he only has half, so we need your help”. – Rob Schneider (he plays a fun and funky Hawaiian man in one of my all time favorite movies – 50 First Dates)

I love this effort to help!

Today DFC is reopening – back and better than ever! There’s a new focus and a new plan. I’m so excited to get started again! I am relaunching Design for a Cause this month specifically, because it is my month of renewal and reflection. April is my birthday month (YAY for birthdays!). But…. instead of my usual birthday sales and coupons or birthday themed swag, I decide this would be a good year to celebrate helping others through charity.

To get things started, I’ve set up a registry at

Donors Choose is a fantastic resource for both teachers/students/classrooms in need and the community wanting to help in the area of education. It’s a very personal experience to get involved with, regardless of location or ability to help. Teachers submit “projects” they need funded and the public then comes through and donates to the projects of their choice. You can search for projects to fund in a variety of ways… by state, subject, age, need, etc. All finacial information for each project is readily available before you send in a single penny. You can see exactly what the project costs are, who benefits and decide for yourself if it’s something you want to support.

I discovered Donors Choose right after Christmas 2007. For me, the most exciting part of the whole opportunity is the teacher and student feedback. After a project is completely funded, the teachers and students write up thank you notes and send photos so each donor can see how their money helped. It’s an awesome feeling to know there are real people involved.

So come along, join the joy of giving, if you want to get involved, now’s the time to do it! Check out my registry, if something sparks your interest, jump in! It would be such a great birthday gift! I’ve selected projects that reflect my personal interests… art, creativity, reading, colorado and of course, penguins.

Check out my registery!

It’s so exciting to me to see this kind of sharing – at such a grass-roots level – happening in the world! There is no minimum donation nor limit to how you can help

Reminder: If you find something else at Donors Choose that I haven’t listed, and you get involved – I’d love to hear of your experiences!

Coming April 2008

Live launch of Design for a Cause will be April 2008

Thank you for your patience and understanding while you wait.

We appreciate you
and everything you do

so bookmark us now
and watch how we grow

but before you leave,
before you go…
we’d love to hear from you
and we’d like to know

your ideas and thoughts and suggestions

If we GAVE you a $100.00, what would YOU do with it?

Cards for a Cure – Art for Breast Cancer Awareness

October, as many already know, is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So Tuesdays topic this week is promoting pink!

Thousands of individuals, companies and organizations around the country… and even the world, join together every October to help promote awareness of this wide spanning disease. You’ll find hundreds of t-shirts, pink ribbon products, and fund raising events, each supporting breast cancer awareness at some level.

I personally think this push should be a year round promotion, so this year, I have coordinated a group of designers to joined together a little differently. We’re each dedicating at least one design as a specialty art card – “Cards for a Cure”. Each designer has created art around the theme “pink” and is offering their work as individual greeting cards, large card sets and note card sets.
JGoode Designs will be to BCA charities for every card sold not just from my own designs, but also from designs donated by other participating designers. Throughout the month of October, every time someone buys a card through the provided product listing here at JGD or ShopBCA, I’ll donate .50 per card (card pack donations will be per card as well).

So, why not get involved? Buy an insiring art card and help spread some love this October with a fabulous card with a cause!

Pink Daisies Pink Daisies Greeting Cardprovided by:

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Cards for a Cause Cards for a Cause Greeting Cardprovided by:

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Pink for a Cause Pink for a Cause Greeting Cardprovided by:

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Pink Window Box Pink Window Box Greeting Cardprovided by:

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Breast Cancer penguinBreast Cancer penguin Greeting Card
provided by:
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Cards for a CauseCards for a Cause Greeting Card
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Greeting cards and note cards for every occasion
Bijii HeartknotBijii Heartknot Greeting Card
provided by:
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Male Breast Cancer RibbonMale Breast Cancer Ribbon Greeting Card
provided by:
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Pink Girl Pink Girl Greeting Cardprovided by:

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Breast Cancer Month Breast Cancer Month Greeting Cardprovided by:

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Pink for a Cause Pink for a Cause Greeting Cardprovided by:

Clothes -by- Cassie

Breast Cancer Research Priceless T-shirts & Gifts Breast Cancer ResearchGreeting Card

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More Cards for a Cure at ShopBCA…

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