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Over the years I’ve traveled around the country quite a bit. As a kid our family moved from Colorado to California and back to Colorado and later from Colorado to Virginia and back again traveling by car every time. We took a lot of road trips so I learned early to appreciate seeing the sites along the way. As an adult I’ve continued the road trip adventures. before I had kids I would hop in the car and just drive until I got tired… stop and rest and drive back. I love the feeling of exploring when we’re traveling to new places, I always try to jam pack as much into the trip as possible yet leave a little room for those spontaneous “gotta stop and look” moments.

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My favorite thing about traveling is experience of being someplace new. There is no one specific thing, some places I love the food, some I love the people. Sometimes I’m just driving through but the drive itself is fantastic. Some of the best memories of traveling are little moments scattered from place to place, not anything grand of photo worthy.. just a great moment in some place new.

Some of my favorite locations:

  • Colorado – even living here there are places I only get to visit
  • Stowe, Vermont
  • Pismo Beach, California
  • The Red Wood trees along the West coast, California/Oregon
  • Swan Valley and the Titans, Idaho
  • The Carolina Coast
  • Tennessee in the spring – the air is amazingly sweet!

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to any other countries as an adult, I think that is what I have to look forward to in retirement.

What’s your favorite place?

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  1. There's something about your posts I always liked (besides the fact they're excellent and well written 😀 ) and I think I finally figured it out: there's a sense of nostalgia. Is it just my imagination? I may see what I want to see (because I'm a very nostalgic person).

    This post is an excellent example. Even though I haven't traveled the US as much as I'd like to, and even though I've been to many countries outside the US, there are still numerous others I haven't been and want to visit.

    But if I had to list my favorite places in the world:
    * My home town in Israel. Always a safe haven from the big world, even though it's now so different from what I remember.
    * Downtown Tel Aviv. Something extremely vibrant yet still relaxing about this city.
    * New York City: just taking a 2-3 hour walk from central park to Chinatown. This is as relaxing as it gets.
    * One of the major Piazzas in Rome – can't remember which (…) – which is the first place I've visited with my wife on our honeymoon.
    * Barcelona: my favorite city in Europe. Combining the best of Paris with Tel Aviv.

    Did you really not leave the US? It sounds like you'd have a blast if you were to go, no matter where.

  2. now that I think about it, I have been to Mexico so I have indeed been to another country – but not one that requires a passport. I am hoping to change that track record starting spring 2010 – just need the airfare to become less shocking for a family of 5!

  3. I remember many, many road trips as a child, and I'm not a big fan of them. I prefer getting from “point A to point B” as fast as possible, only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks. But with that said, since airfare is so pricey, we still drive everywhere. I guess I have to cope. But when you do get the chance, definitely check out Asia! It's incredible.

  4. Las Vegas! I find it so peaceful and relaxing! That or Oregon in the Summer. Not too hot. And no humidity!

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