Happiness is a cupcake

flaming-cupcakeThis past weekend we celebrated my son’s 14th birthday and with the festivities came 3 days of cupcakes. I made them myself… from a box, and despite their non-perfectness, they were quite delicious. We had funfetti (aka rainbow chip) and chocolate with a choice of frostings and added sprinkles. I didn’t do any fancy decorating as teenage boys don’t care what they look like, they just want the sugar, so I let them decorate however they wanted. I think half the frosting went straight from the can to their bellies.

I don’t know why my cupcakes never turn out as perfect as the store bought. Is my oven not as magically inclined at the professional variety?

Cupcakes are always a sure way to bring a smile into a room. I’m not positive what the exact ray of sunshine is that a cupcake brings to the day, maybe it’s the decorating with bright colors and happy sprinkles on top, the swirly-ness of icing on yummy gooey cake, or maybe it’s just the thought of a handful of sweetness we don’t have to share. Whatever it is, I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t smile at the thought of a cupcake.

Nomelie cupcakesLast weekend I visited Nomelie, an adorable cupcake boutique in Parker, Colorado.  I was visiting as a participant in a tasting with the Denver Tastcasters. We sampled 4 different flavors of mini cupcakes that were absolutely wonderful! The venue is decorated in a lovely semi-victoria theme, a nice casual atmosphere with a hint of pretty girly flare. I thought it was the perfect environment to have a cup of tea and sampling of heaven in a bite size yumminess.

The staff was fabulously friendly and I even had the opportunity to chat with the owner, Selah Davenport for a bit. I was excited to meet someone else with a love for the cupcake. Between Selah’s warm welcoming personality and the tasty cupcakes, Nomelie was a wonderful place to spend some time enjoying conversations with friends. I told her I would stop by some time with some of my own cupcake doodles… although we can’t eat them, I like to think we need to share a little cupcake happiness however we can.

Cupcake by JGoodeWhat’s our favorite cupcake flavor?

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  1. We can never have too many cupcake shops. About the only thing better than making them yourself is having a professional do it for you and get to enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

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