Happy Halloween from the JGoode penguins

I’ve just recently begun adding a new product type to my offering, a yard sign. Today I received my first official example model…



Happy Halloween Penguins — oh, spoooky!



A fun little decor accessory that is quite easily packed away with the rest of the holiday decor.

  • Measures 22″ wide x 15″ high
  • 10 oz. flexible vinyl is weather-resistant for outdoor use

Watch for more great yard sign designs this holiday season!


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Tuesdays Topic – The Boss

Today is Boss Day, the day every employee can stop and say “hey thanks for being a great boss”… assuming the boss is great, and assuming we need a single day for the opportunity…

But what about those of us that are our own boss, the self employed? Do I pat myself on the back and say, “hey thanks me, I’m so glad I’m great”? Ha!

I’m the Boss

No, I’d prefer to stop and say “WOW, look where I am” and then thank all the people who supported my ideas or written letters telling me they love the designs. Thank YOU for the encouragement. It’s a fabulous feeling to have an idea, be able to go ahead and pursue the concept and the result is customers who like the idea as well. That’s the drive behind the shop. Thank you for the motivation and Happy Boss day, boss!

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New Penguin Colors

Favorite designs, now available in new colors, YAY!

The following penguin designs are now available in a brand new selection fo shirt colors. Find bright red, brilliant blue, earthy green and more. Available in styles and sizes for the whole family – plus sizes, men, women, teens, kids and infants.

Breast Cancer penguinBreast Cancer penguin Acoustic Guitar Penguin
Acoustic Guitar Penguin
Artist penguin
Artist penguin
Astronaut Penguin
Astronaut Penguin
Autism Penguin
Autism Penguin
Auto Racing Penguin
Auto Racing Penguin
Baseball penguin
Baseball penguin
Basketball Penguin
Basketball Penguin
BioHazard Penguin
BioHazard Penguin
Birthday penguin
Birthday penguin
Bling penguin
Bling penguin
Hockey Penguin
Hockey Penguin

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I’ve recently joined club penguin. My love for the flightless bird has instilled a curiosity about anything penguin. I also have 2 children that are determined to spend the majority of their inside time playing something, somewhere on the computer, so I am always looking for new and better avenues for them to try.

goodepenguin.gifNow, I find that a good chunk of my kids’ play time is no longer game sites I don’t understand. They’d much rather run around an ice covered world filled with  our penguin pals — AND it’s ok for me to run right alongside. We play games, shop for clothes and igloo accesories — hunt for hidden treasures and even just hang out together. What a great idea! It’s fantastically fun to be able to get involved in activities that they’d otherwise like to explore alone.

More great info… a wonderful article about ClubPenguin.

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Penguins Helping Peru

The August 15th earthquake in Peru has tens of thousands displaced, and killed at least 500. Families without shelter nor medical supplies — they need our help. Our good friends over at unEarthedTees.com have started an initiative to help and the penguins and I wanted to join in.


So we came up with our own little plan to get involved…

Peru Penguin
Miner PenguinRescue Penguin

From now through September 30th 2007, when you buy any of these 3 featured penguins, at least 50% of the proceeds will go directly to support Peru Disaster Relief. I will be donating these penguin proceeds to Peru Earthquake related funds through GlobalGiving.org. Read More about Global Giving’s fundsThanks so much for helping us help others!


Are the penguins stepping on corporate toes?

Currently a fairly large, well estiblished corporate entity is accusing the JGoode “artic bird” of infringing… on the word penguin. Or maybe it’s infringing on being a penguin. I’m not quite sure. It’s all *hearsay* ya know… suppozebly.


I’m sorry to say it, but I’m actually truly confused. This poor little birdy has no other name.. does it? Maybe something in latin, I’m not sure. I could translate to spanish or french.. or anything but english, if that made a difference couldn’t I?

Do big corporations have the right to own an entire species of animal just because it’s on a t-shirt? Can anyone legally monopolize the market in any given area when the word is common language?

I would think if full ownership regardless of font, features and location were possible, Duncan would not be making doughnuts, Olive’s Garden would be blooming of pasta a little less.. Bad Girl would prevent any other company from selling an image of a rule breaking female on a shirt… and the Old would be out of a Navy because the military doesnt need to be associated with young girls wearing capris and smilie commercials.
blogg2.jpgThere are plenty of other penguins out there… on apparel no less. What are they being called, if not the bird they are? How do they look if they are in fact penguins… like doughnuts?

Where is the line drawn (in theory) when it comes to common use, and common law first use?

How sad would it be to lose an entire population of penguins, just because Mr. CorpUn-named likes to bully and attempt to scare competition away. (Competition!? Confusing you with who? says Mr. JGoode. -wink-)

It’s disheartening, this unexpected situation at hand, I have penguins to doodle and sculpt and dream up… yet the battle needs to be fought. When one does wrong, they need to correct their mistakes, but when one is accused of wrong they didn’t do… one must just hope the right people are listening.

– cross yer fingers.

I’ll keep you posted.

– in the meantime, i’d love your comments. what do you think?


Vote Penguin!

Vote Penguin.jpgFrontier Airlines is now running a “Who’s Your Favorite Animal” campaign. Visitors can vote for their favorite plane tail critter to represent. I’m not sure if its just for Denver’s favorite animal or varies by city.

Obviously I’m going to have a biased opinion here. I mean, I love them all.. but hey, I say go for the penguins, and my penguin pal is always trying to gain new support… so go vote Penguins!
Frontier has put together a pretty cool presentation for the whole event. Not only can you vote, but you can view each candidate’s mini platform, campaign spots and buy limited edition gear. How fun is that??

Check it all out… Go to the virtual campaign headquarters…


then… vote for your favorite animal (penguins, penguins penguins!!)

pssst.. vote for the penguins.

You can even see who’s winning and where your vote stands.


The penguins need a boost right now.. so come on.. vote! (please)

Just for kicks, there’s also a forum, but it seems somewhat lacking. It’s more of a comment board than anything. However, it’s entertaining for about 47 second, so check that out too while you’re there.

So.. happy penguin voting!

Check out the exclusive JGoode Vote Penguin at cafePress and printfection.

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Yay for Penuin Awareness Day

So all day I’ve spent making cute little handmade penguin greeting cards… and I forgot to mention to everyone that HEY… today is penguin awareness day. Yeup. All day we should have been taking a moment to think about, learn something new about, create in honor of, talk about or in some form or another observe the loveliness that is the Penguin.So in honor of my non flying friends, I say…

If you’d like to share this lovely image with me (yes, this is one of my original doodles)…

check out all of the fun penguin loving gear, right here…

or you can display your own loving penguin on your own site from my free clipart collection, click here.

A few fun penguin facts are here, a handful of fabulous penguin games here, quotes and jokes here…PLUS…
soon you’ll be able to check out the brand new handmade cards (and collectible figures).. YAY I say again, for today has been penguin awareness day!

So, hey, Are you aware?

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