Vote Penguin!

Vote Penguin.jpgFrontier Airlines is now running a “Who’s Your Favorite Animal” campaign. Visitors can vote for their favorite plane tail critter to represent. I’m not sure if its just for Denver’s favorite animal or varies by city.

Obviously I’m going to have a biased opinion here. I mean, I love them all.. but hey, I say go for the penguins, and my penguin pal is always trying to gain new support… so go vote Penguins!
Frontier has put together a pretty cool presentation for the whole event. Not only can you vote, but you can view each candidate’s mini platform, campaign spots and buy limited edition gear. How fun is that??

Check it all out… Go to the virtual campaign headquarters…


then… vote for your favorite animal (penguins, penguins penguins!!)

pssst.. vote for the penguins.

You can even see who’s winning and where your vote stands.


The penguins need a boost right now.. so come on.. vote! (please)

Just for kicks, there’s also a forum, but it seems somewhat lacking. It’s more of a comment board than anything. However, it’s entertaining for about 47 second, so check that out too while you’re there.

So.. happy penguin voting!

Check out the exclusive JGoode Vote Penguin at cafePress and printfection.

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