Think Happy Thoughts… dag-nabbit!

I have a tendancy to brainstorm as I’m focusing on something entirely different. This leads to many greta ideas which I not only quickly forget, but also sidetrack myself from my task at hand.

So lately, I’ve been busy thinking a gazillion new places and things where I can spread the JGoode joy.

After 4 days of great moments in pondering-ness… I woke up today to grumpy, irritated pals ready to through things are their immediate powers that be.


Oh, various reasons. Too many to explain or go into detail about — not to mention I don’t know all the details nor is it my place to spew info. However, every one of these grumpinesses boils down to money.

So what I have to say today is.. think Happy Thoughts.

No one person can take over the universe and destroy our own little worlds of money making opportunity, self growth and sharing of whatever it is that makes us happy to share.

Oh yes, they can try.

But behold… dearest Karama will hit them on the head. (she’s one spiffy lady I say).

Then you and I can create cute little purple and green beanies that will cover the evil doers bumpy foreheads (which of course they’ll have to buy from us).. so it will all come back full circle.


Now go get creative and make something neat to share.

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