How do YOU brainstorm? Share your thoughts

I have a site called Idea Sundae with the goal of brainstorming ideas both on my own (out loud) and with others. Any topic fits the concept and it’s amazing to me how many random thoughts pass through my head on any given day. Yet, I get so caught up with the doing, the writing about the thinking has been overlooked. So now I’m bringing it all back here to my main blog so I can remember to not only write it down, but share the ideas and thinking processes.

Sundae doodle by JGoode

You can view past thoughts from the old conversation in the new Brainstorming category.

To start things off again, I’d like to know…

What is your favorite way/method/process to brainstorm?

Fabulous vacations

What is your favorite vacation spot? Family vacation.. weekend getaway with your special someone… group vacations or just off on your own, where do you like to vacation most, and why?