Love the Earth Every Day

I grew up understanding about conservation. I regularly heard basic little things we could do every day to help conserve energy “turn off the lights!” or “dont leave food on your plate” or don’t let the water just run”. Occassionally my mom would go through health food kicks where organic and natural were the way things would be — she even worked in a health food store for a while – which I LOVED to hang out in.

Every Day Earth Day Framed Tile

But now, as an adult, I am understanding the deeper message, the bigger importance, and I hope I can somehow pass the message on to my own children… but it’s not easy. Although conservation and “earth friendly” options are available, it’s not the norm and by no means always an easy option to move forward with. It’s almost trendy at this point… and especially on days like today… to be concerned with the world around us. For many, however, a few weeks from now the good intentions get pushed aside by time constraints, price differences and general motivation. Sometimes we have all the right thoughts, but the options we want just aren’t options within our reach.

Love the Earth Penguin Tote Bag

So I started thinking today… what can we do, what habits can we replace or start new just to begin to make a difference in our own individual little worlds? Thanks to some great conversations with friends and a lot of insight from media today, here are some simple ideas I think we could all put on our list to at least try..

  • Use items that can be reused rather than throw away items whenever possible
  • Don’t buy styrofoam and plastic when there are biodegradable option
  • Buy recycled items whenever possible
  • Carpool whenever possible
  • Know what you are buying…

Some product Ideas that I can recommend from my own collections…

  • Tote Bags – use the canvas tote bags for groceries instead of “paper or plastic”
  • Mugs – carry around the mugs instead of using paper or plastic cups

Peace Love and Earth Sticker (Bumper)

Happy Loving the Earth!