Where is your door leading you?

“Everything happens for a reason” has been a key theme throughout my life. I think more times than not, I ultimately created the situations good and bad through choices I’ve made and actions I have or have not taken. I think we’re all walking this kind of path every day. Yet, we don’t always stop to remember that we’re in control of our paths regardless of how out of control things feel.

It’s said that when one door closes another opens – the trick, from my experience, is looking in the right direction to see that door open. Sometimes the closing is such a big deal, such a stressful situation, I think we find ourselves look down at our feet and we miss the new opportunity. Sulking and worrying and doubting – general negative thinking, can be very blinding.

When thinking of opportunities and knowing when and where to watch for them and how to determine if they are right for us, I am quickly reminded of the movie the Labyrinth and the scene with the doors…

One of us will tell you true,
One will always lie.
Just one question is your due,
And only one reply.
One right answer gets you through,
Which door will you try?

pick a door cartoon by jgoode

In this riddle there are only 2 doors — but the theory is the same. Every situation could be good or bad – depending on the choice you make. It’s really how you handle the choice that makes a difference. Think of the game show, Let’s Make a Deal, you could choose from 3 doors – each hiding a prize. Yet prizes were grand amounts of money or expensive items… or something “worthless” like a stuffed donkey. It’s perspective.

What is value- What choices do we make to gain that value?

I think there are really millions of doors to choose from. Why can’t we have millions of choices like that scene from Monster’s Inc.? Millions of doors, each leading to a different place – a different situation. All you have to do is pick one and go in. If you change your mind.. you walk back out and pick another. Life can work this way, if you let it.

Create your own direction. Own your path.

Maybe, rather than looking at it as though we only have so many doors to choose from – the one that closed and the one that opened – we should look around and find a whole new entrance. Build our own archway. Add a mote or not. It’s up to you to decide –

Which door are you going to open?

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