What next

This is a reoccurring question these days for so many people in so many places.. what next? Right now it’s a loaded question. It feels like every next step is so important and so much is relying on the answer being correct.


In order to progress every day, shouldn’t we always be asking ourselves what next? Shouldn’t we be continually striving for more, or better, or improved or something?

Even the idea of resting is a sometimes good solution for the “what next” problem.

The day we stop asking what is next, is a day we should start to worry.
So for me, today – what’s next is just trying to maintain a conscience effort to keep plugging along towards whatever greatness I’m ment to accomplish… regardless of the obstacles, the timing or the color of the sky – just keep doing whatever it is that I think is the right thing to do.

what next by JGoode

What’s next for you?

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