TV Time!

November 21 is World Television Day… what’s that mean?

So i was thinking that we could chat and giggle about i Love Lucy or how we love M.A.S.H. or maybe question when the reruns of Sienfeld will end.. but nooo, apparently there is a very serious meaning behind the day and now I’m really confused.

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The UN General Assembly established November 21 as World Television Day to encourage nations to exchange cultural programming focusing on peace, security, economic and social development.

The announcement was made in resolution 51/205, at the 99th plenary meeting of the Assembly, on December 17, 1996. The day November 21 was chosen because the first World Television Forum was held on that day in 1996, where media figures organized to discuss the increased significance of television in the world.

No other public records besides resolution 51/205 have documented observances of World Television day.

Now, I read all that, 3 times. I get it.. but I don’t get it. The UN, peace, security, and significance of TV in the world.. I’m not following the flow here. Either way, it’s still World Television Day and if you really want to celebrate, you can go to this site and send a free ecard HA! (please don’t if you get seriously spammed I can be held responsible).

So happy WTD to you may there be some peace or something among your viewing awareness. 😀

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