Penguins Give Me Happy Feet!

Hi-dee-ho, time to go.. laugh and giggle and play in the snow…

original designs by JGoode at myJGD.comHave YOU seen Happy Feet? It’s the newest family film.. a much anticipated piece of entertainment on our family list. Happy Feet is a dance-tastic, musically fun, computer animated comedy from GEORGE Miller featuring penguins… singing and tap dancing penguins. Wooo hoo, and you know WE love penguins!

Although the film opened in US theaters this past weekend, we haven’t had the opportunity to experience the fun just yet. reports Happy Feet to be this week’s box office leader and gives an overall grade of B.

The Australian predicts “Happy Feet is on track to become the most popular Australian film”

If you’d like to read up a bit more on this fabu flick… don’t assume is your destination. As it turns out, is a shoe company, which, by the way, is featuring a fun penguin inspired contest in partnership (so it seems) with WBMovies…

Instead, check out movie info at – here you’ll also find a cool webcam of the Baltimore Maryland Zoo penguins, Free Hallmark e-cards, movie trailer and more.

Hop on board the Happy Feet mySpace

Looking for more penguins to feed your habit? check out the fabulous penguin doodles by yours truly… penguin lover garb for everyone 😀


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