Tuesday's Topic Procrastination

I blog every Tuesday as “Tuesday’s Topic”. I pick a topic eeach week and make a point to blog about it on Tuesday. This way, I blog at least once a week, even if I don’t have nee designs, or sales or anything else specific to blog about. Now this week, Tuesday came and went… I had no topic and have 900 gazillion different tasks I wanted to complete before lunch.

I thought about blogging all day. I have set up a reminder on my calendar so every week I remember to blog… so all day my Tuesday blog reminder popped up, and all day I kept clicking snooze. That’s not procrastination.. thats outright avoidance isn’t it? ha!

So here I am, it’s Wednesday and I’m bloggin for Tuesday. Is that poor time management, procrastination, or job security?

I was going to add a fun new JGoode design to this post, but because I don’t currently have any procrastination t-shirts (which I should). I didn’t want to prolong the posting just to design something new— it would be Sunday before I posted for Tuesday.

Some days procrastination isn’t really procrastination, its prolonging productivity.

Happy late Tuesday!

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