Top 5 Thanks

Every night at dinner we sit around and talk and eat, sometimes argue or even zone out if the TV is on. But no matter what else is happening or what went on with everyone’s day, we all stop for a few moments to ask “what are you thankful for today?”. We take turns asking each other, and as the “rules” state… you can be thankful for anything. often times my 6 year old will be thankful for playing with friends or watching some show or my oldest will be glad he was able to reach a new level on his video game. That’s all ok, you just have to be thankful.

So now what I would like to try to do, starting this week… I’d like to list the top 5 things I am thankful for, for the week. I’d love it if you joined in! The rules are… you can be thankful for anything, you just have to be thankful. That’s it.

photo by JGoode
photo by JGoode

So here’s my first “Top 5 Thanks“…

1. I feel productive. I always judge myself on how much I was able to do with the catch that they don’t count until I have something to show for what I’ve done. This week I was able to accomplish a little more work than usual, many items are things I can look at and say “see, I did that”. I don’t feel like there was anything that I wish I had had more time to do.

2. My husband’s 40th birthday party was a big success. Friends from all different facets of his life came, and a number of people showed up that he hasn’t seen in years. It was a lot of fun watching everyone get together again, celebrating just being together after all this time and different directions.

3. My kids are all healthy and mostly happy; despite the fact they are stuck together more than they’d like, they still get along and love each other… they even act like it from time to time.

4. I am actually reading three different books. Maybe only a page a day from any given book, yet the fact that I have a single tangible book is amazing. Now I have 3 I am interested in and geniunely trying to take the time to stop and read a bit. Being the mom bus and being stuck in the car while waiting for whatever activity to end helps too.

5. Girl power is indeed a reality. I ran into the garage door today – not drastically crashing. The door wasn’t completely open and I didn’t realize it until I had already knocked it off the track, dented it and scratched up the top of my car – plus the little sprayer nozzle for the car back window is now busted off and missing. I thought I’d have to wait for the hubby to get home to fix it, but two neighbor women came over and between the 3 of us we fixed it up all properly like. I’d love to take credit, but really I just helped hold the door still.

Later another friend called to make sure the door was ok — see, I’m glad to have such great girlfriends!