Thank you to all the Veterans

Today is Veteran’s Day and I just want to say… Thank you! (With a little penguin love.)

Veterans Day Penguins by JGoode
Military themed designs by JGoode

My family is full of military history and dedication, mostly through the Air Force. When I was really young and my dad was active duty, we lived on base – I always thought it was so cool to see so many uniforms all around me. The military police were my favorite and I was sure I would be one at some point. When I was in high school my family moved to Fairfax, Virginia and while we were there we made a point to visit all the locations honoring our history and heritage. I’ve seen the Vietnam Memorial Wall, visited the National Cemetary and experienced the ceremony for the Tomb of the Unknown soldier on Memorial day. At one point I even began the process to enlist myself. However, things change and always happen for a reason, so instead I’m here as mother of 3 and no military experience of my own.

There is so much appreciation I have for our countries men, women and their families who dedicate their lives to serve our country. Thank you.