Flower Garden Pig

This time of year most of my neighbors have already taken a day to plant pretty little beds of flowers. I, however, have taken an hour here and an hour there to do various gardening tasks. I still have 3 backs og mulch waiting to be spread. Packets of seeds waiting to be sowed. Most importantly I now have a lovely wagon full of blooms, still waiting to be planted. It never fails… I think i’ll have time, so i run and buy a handful of flowers I can hardly wait to plant and when I get home I realize I have no time left. Lets hope that Friday will be a good weather day.

Today’s featured design is a sunny green Garden Pig. She’s a pretty little piggy inspired to help bring out the beautiful blooming in any day. She’s available on t-shirts and tanks and even a few tiles.. good for garden decor.

Garden Pig

Everything is a little more sunshiney with a pretty little piggy near by… don’t you agree?

Tuesday's Topic: skipping day

I hope today is filled with spring in your yard… because it is National Adult Public Skipping Day “a day for adults to skip in public to feel like a child again”.

I think this is a great way to spend the day, even if you have to sit at work all day, add a little skip to your step and a smile on your face!

Today is also (so they say)…

National Hairball Awareness Day. – Is this for the cats or the peoples

National Warm Weather Lunch Hour Appreciation Day. – What a perfect way to spend lunch, outside in the fresh air. Hope you brought some treats to share!

And, today is also National Teach Children to Save Day. – Teach your kids how to save their money, it’s invaluable lesson. There are tons of fun games and activities available at Positive Promotions and “Thousands of bankers nationwide will teach young people valuable savings lessons as part of the ABA Education Foundation’s National Teach Children to Save Day on Tuesday, April 29, 2008.” Check to see if your bank is listed on the American Banker’s Association Honor Roll.

I’m a big fan of the piggy bank, so here’s my recommended doodle for the day…

Pig Lovin’ Girl by JGoode