Flower Garden Pig

This time of year most of my neighbors have already taken a day to plant pretty little beds of flowers. I, however, have taken an hour here and an hour there to do various gardening tasks. I still have 3 backs og mulch waiting to be spread. Packets of seeds waiting to be sowed. Most importantly I now have a lovely wagon full of blooms, still waiting to be planted. It never fails… I think i’ll have time, so i run and buy a handful of flowers I can hardly wait to plant and when I get home I realize I have no time left. Lets hope that Friday will be a good weather day.

Today’s featured design is a sunny green Garden Pig. She’s a pretty little piggy inspired to help bring out the beautiful blooming in any day. She’s available on t-shirts and tanks and even a few tiles.. good for garden decor.

Garden Pig

Everything is a little more sunshiney with a pretty little piggy near by… don’t you agree?