Making pretty things with pretty pink flowers

Flower bracelet

I gave myself a double challenge for this week’s Sizzix blog hop project. The featured item is a set of pretty little flowers, a Sizzix product design by Brenda Pinnick (Flower Beauty Bloom Sizzix Originals Die). Secondly, I’ve been on a mission to craft on a budget using items I’ve found at the dollar store or around the house. The result is a pretty little pink outfit with fancy flower embellishments that was quick to create and a fabulous bang for your buck.

Pretty pink flowers
Pretty pink flower shapes by Brenda Pinnick
Pretty pink flower outfit
Pretty pink flower outfit by Jen Goode

The skirt is made up of 4 miss-matched hankies, an aqua ribbon for the waist band and Brenda’s pretty flower pieces as the featured accent. The hankies came in a miss-matched pack of 2 for $1. I folded each hankie up 3/4,  and stitched together at the sides. No hemming or finishing edges required.

Handmade hankie skirt
Handmade hankie skirt by Jen Goode

The shirt was purchased blank ($1) and then decorated with various flower pieces, aqua ribbon and buttons. They’re all glued on using fabric glue rather than stitched, making it a super fast project to make.

Cute decorated kids shirt
Cute decorated kids shirt by Jen Goode

Finally, I had a few flower pieces left so I made a little bracelet. This would have also made a fantastic embellishment for some flip flops, cute little girl shoes or even various hair pretties (thanks Carla for that thought and Niki has some cute headbands that would match perfectly!).

Flower bracelet
Flower bracelet by Jen Goode

You can make this flower yourself using Brenda Pinnick’s Flower Beauty Bloom Sizzix Originals Die. Check more fabulous creations featuring Brenda’s flower design by clicking below: