Get your spooky gear here

Halloween has so many different faces for different folks. Here in the world of JGoode, Halloween is happy and cute and of course full of sugar! Whether you like witches, ghouls, goblins or, of course, penguins… Halloween is a time to get out there and play a bit.

Check out some of the too cute to be spooky swag you can get featuring fun Halloween designs by Jen Goode:

Witchie by Jen Goode
Candy corn by Jen Goode
Candy corn
Lil ghost by Jen Goode
Lil ghost
Nutty witch by Jen Goode
Nutty witch
Frankenstien penguin by Jen Goode
Frankenstien penguin
Kitty witch by Jen Goode
Kitty witch
Happy Halloween Candy by Jen Goode
Happy Halloween Candy
Dracula penguin by Jen Goode
Dracula penguin
3 pumpkins boo by Jen Goode
3 pumpkins boo