Seasoning Spring

rabbits have nibbled this tulipIt’s officially Spring and I can hardly wait for the gardening season to begin. Due to some snake incidences (rattlers in my yard – eek), I missed half the dirt digging fun last year. Now today I’m springing into blog action a little behind already – it was entirely too cold to be outside taking pictures. On the other hand, my tulips have been getting ready to bloom for about 3 weeks. Usually, by now, all the leaf tips would have been nibbled off by the resident rabbit clan.

These rabbits eat plants that “experts” say rabbits won’t touch – my holly bushes are little numbs. I won’t even bother with marigolds anymore… but this year, barely a nibble. I’ve only seen one big bunny, so maybe my garden buffet isn’t the popular hangout anymore. However, I’d like to think this change in eating habits is due to my recent garden seasoning experiments.


I been hearing for years that garlic or cayenne pepper will help keep critters off the vegetation. A few years ago I added cloves of garlic all over the garden – still found nibbles on anything growing AND the air smelled like Italian food rather than pretty flowers.

I’ve also tried a few different orangic animal repellants. With ingredients like eggs and urine all they do is leave me with a strong scent of ick stuck in my nose and the feeling I need to stand in a shower for 5 days straight. Oh they work, but grossing out the gardener is probably not the point.

This year I tried a new tactic. I pulled out the garlic herb seasoning and the cayenne pepper and sprinkled the tulip plants. No air of Italian food (unless you get your nose up on a leaf), and the buds are about ready to bloom! So i just went outside to take these photos and added a little extra spice to the rest of the sprouting spring plants. We’ll see how the seasoning goes…

happy tulips by JGoode

Please don’t shout out the secret ingredients too loudly, the bunnies might hear and head back here for a floral feast.

Tuesday's Topic: Sunshiney

I just stopped to hunt down a topic idea, as it’s definitely past the beginning of the day and I am still drawing a blank on suggested topics. Things have been busy at my house… for the first time in years we have plans to go places and see people… multiple times within months. We have baseball and soccer and swimming and school ending and registration starting. We have creativity coming out of our ears, but it’s all handmade crafty types of projects, not visions of fabulous new doodles.

And then, today, my baby girl turned a year old.

My world is standing still in the midst of the universe’s ever changing frantic chaos. I can’t begin to remember where the year went. I remember this day last year and all of the sudden today is here.

What have I been doing with the year? What have I accomplished? What great new designs have I created for you to enjoy? I don’t know. It’s all fuzzy when I try to get a good picture to recap the events over the last 12 months. I do know i was here to see her first tooth and hear her first babblings… and watch her first stepswith accompanying first falls. That makes up for all the lost time and definitely all the lost sleep..

So back to my topic searching, I looked on one of my favorite daily trivia sites and found that today is “Pick Strawberries Day”. What a brilliantly colorful and happy kind of view that brings to my mind’s eye. Just yesterday I played hookie from doodling while my 5 year old and I planted our first real veggie garden. We included strawberries.. just because they’re our favorite to pick and eat fresh.

The thought of this brings a smile… a great big smile. Every day should be a strawberry picking day. Giggles and skipping and a little bit of silliness. A day to enjoy something sweet, no matter how many seeds and no matter how small. Because, when there are strawberries, you know there had to have been some fabulous sunshine in the recent past, if not today… there definitely was last week. The kind of days that are filled with sunshiney smiley happy oh-so-joyful visions of delight.. or the thoughts of such rainbowness.

i don’t have any smiley strawberries to share with you today — I have a baby girl’s birthday to celebrate instead. — but next week, watch out… smilies galore!

Strawberry Girl
I’m a Strawberry Girl!