Sharing some happiness with Money Minded Moms

Late in the summer I received a call from a friend of mine, Missy Ward, inviting me to get involved with a new project she was working on. As soon as she finished describing the project, Suze Orman’s new community called Money Minded Moms, I was shocked I was having this conversation. Me? Really? How cool is that!?

A thousand things ran through my mind in about 1.67 seconds. I’ve gone through the “can I do it” to brainstorming a gazillion things I want to say or share.  I’m sure I even envisioned myself with pom poms and a megaphone… where was the rest of the elated rallying troops for this excitement!?

It wasn’t real for me until this week when I first saw my happy face on the website. This is fantastic! I’m so excited to be part of an amazing group of women sharing their ideas, experiences and expertise with moms around the world. We’re all here to help teach, encourage and empower each other to gain more control of our money instead of letting our money control us.

Money Minded Moms
Money Minded Moms

This is another opportunity to put our best creative foot forward. Creativity isn’t just about creating pretty things, its about thinking smart, coming up with the best possible solution and doing something amazing with our ideas. This type of thinking applies to money too.

This community presents a fantastic opportunity for moms everywhere. We can work together to make this success work for us all. I haven’t always been the best money manager I can. We all struggle with balancing a budget and a family. We want to give our kids the very best yet teach them that it takes hard work to earn what we have. We want them to grow up to become successful, happy adults. Managing all this and staying within financial means is often a daunting task. This community was created so that we can come together and share ideas.

I’m officially a “featured contributor”. I plan on sharing my own ideas for saving money – a lot of which focuses on making things yourself. You don’t have to be an artist to make wonderful gifts and create a little happiness with a bow for someone else. I’ll also share fun little recipes and ideas for spending smart.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey – it will definitely be a grand one!

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4 thoughts on “Sharing some happiness with Money Minded Moms”

  1. Jennifer ~ You are AWESOME! I have always admired your creativity and your talent, and now I am truly inspired by your desire to help others through your personal experiences and insights. Way to go!!!

  2. I think I went through the exact same progression as you! From “You want ME?” to “This is too exciting” to “This is really happening!” You know how they say that to teach something you have to really know it yourself first? I’m finding that with each article that I write. I might not know going into it how I feel about the topic, but by the time I write the article, I’ve learned something myself.

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