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The New JGoode Penguin site has officially been launched…

JGoode Designs has recently released a new cartoon character. The public is invited to participate in naming the newly created penguin representing the collection.

Castle Rock, Colorado July 18, 2006 Colorado

Designer/Artist Jen Goode, of JGoode Designs, has released a new cartoon collection of penguin personalities. Each funny penguin is dressed in a costume which represents a different interest, sport, activity or personality. Each “personality” designed to fit various “people personalities”.

“I try to create designs that represent who we each are, what we love and what we enjoy to do most.” – JGoode

In addition to the new cartoon character, an interactive website was launched to introduce the penguin and invite the public to get involved in naming the character.

NameThePenguindotCom.jpgName The Penguin ( officially opened July 18th, 2006. challenges visitors to suggest a name, vote for their favorite name and comment on names submitted by others. Live updates, an email mailing list, as well as “send-a-friend” additions allow visitors to get their friends and family involved in Naming the Penguin.

“It never occurred to me that the penguin actually needed a name. Yet, so many people have asked me what the name is that I thought maybe I should ask them back. Each penguin personality inspires different people in different ways. I decided it would be best to find out what the public thinks it’s name is… so here I am, asking for input.” – JGoode

Open public participation will end August 15th, 2006.

Voting and name submissions are available now by going to the Name the Penguin website at:

The original JGoode penguin began as a single, confused looking bird “doodle” illustration. After 6 months of playing with different ideas, the funny bird has been expanded to what is now a growing 50+ personality collection and 2000+ product catalog.

JGoode Designs ( ) offers an online store where the penguin character may be purchased. Each personality is available on t-shirts and novelty gifts, and patrons may also request their own personalized penguin.


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