Meet the Affiliates

affiliatePenguin.jpgThe Penguin made its first official public appearance in Orlando this past week.

July 7-13 I was attending for the second time this year. Hundreds of affiliate marketers mingled with merchants from around the world. The penguin popped it’s head early at the event, featured on a magnet designed by yours truly (JGoode).
After 4 days of networking, listening, and learning, I walked away with piles of new ideas and great new friends.

I attended the January Affiliate Summit, held in Vegas, with the goal of learning about the industry. I had no idea what I was doing there nor what I would take home with me, I just knew I wanted to know more.

I met many great people who eagerly filled my head with excitement for this growing industry. I had such an excellent experience that I returned for the next event held in Orlando the second week of July.

This time, I went with the idea of introducing myself, my doodles and maybe my brand.

I came home with a new insight of myself.

The penguin magnet was my promotional star, my “brilliant” idea for hollering “here I am!”. It accompanied information about as a company and the . All items were carefully packaged in a cute little “Goodie Bag from JGoode” with an addition (of course) of candy. To my surprise (why I was surprised, I still haven’t figured out) the reaction was always, “cool…” scope out the bag for a moment, “OH YAY, Smarties!!”.

Little handfuls of such a simply classic treat seemed to open the door to a number of conversations. I chatted with top professionals about an array of topics ranging from basic marketing techniques to personal experiences that brought them into the industry. Not all conversations began with the penguin nor due to the free treats. However, that little “extra step” of showing up with something to give with nothing expected in return… that one act, I believe helped my attitude and confidence to approach the unknown.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been able to stop and pull out all the information I crammed into my brain. I am sorting through, trying organize and apply what I’ve learned. Most importantly I am reaching out to explore areas of marketing I was previously intimidated to consider.

The knowledge I gained through the experiences and people at the Affiliate Summit have given me a new direction to follow. I have a clearer vision for where I’d like to be and how I’d like to get there. I would not, today, be inspired by these great ideas of “where to go from here” had I not been at this event.

What started out as a fun – give them a cute penguin magnet – has turned into a “promote the penguin” plan.

Wow, how I love when things surprise me!

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